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Berlin to let women swim topless in pools in move toward gender equality

While nudity in mainstream American culture is generally considered to be sexual, in Germany years ago we could swim and sunbathe naked. Though some years after the hippie period, Germany in the 1980s became more prudish. The demureness brought division between the sexes. Again a few years later, in 2020 stripping down was again notContinue reading “Berlin to let women swim topless in pools in move toward gender equality”

Croatia: The Glamorization of Fascism

Originally posted on Red October Goth:
Croatian-Australians marching in Sydney waving flags of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and portraits of Ustasha-lover Franjo Tudjman. “If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Führer, to police our marshes. The Croats are a proud people…The…

Economic pain for all or for the poorer majority

We can not allow the capitalist governments and central banks in Europe to follow the US Fed’s lead in willing to throw the economy into a recession, destroying millions of more jobs.

The destructive man and our duty as Christians

When it comes to dealing with the inconvenient truth of our climate crisis and the threat to life as we know it on Planet Earth today, it is up to Christians to break the silence.

Down to earth’s composted reads for the heatwave period

The extreme heat we’re experiencing globally has no precedent

Niet enkel hogere energie prijzen

Een BTW verlaging op de energiefactuur zou enigszins mee kunnen helpen de verhoging van consumptiegoederen tegen te gaan. Maar klaarblijkelijk hadden de ‘topministers’ daar geen oren naar.

Gradual decline by American Christians

When we see documentaries about the North American people we get a picture that they are ‘very religious’. Christianity, which was once shared by a majority of Americans, has seen a gradual decline as fewer people hold to the core tenets of the faith. The latest research by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona ChristianContinue reading “Gradual decline by American Christians”

The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews

Although current debates on multiculturalism in Europe often focus on Islam and Muslims, there also are long-standing Jewish communities in many Western European countries. The Pew Research Center survey finds Christians at all levels of religious observance are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults to say they would not be willing to accept Jews inContinue reading “The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews”