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Gay people in the Church of England

The Church of England still dares not see its true face and be open to people who feel different from the majority.

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #1

In many American churches, evangelists preach about burning in hell and make people afraid that if they don’t give enough to God (read church) they will suffer, while otherwise happiness will smile on them.

Not to tell people that God loves them

Dan Foster often looks at social media, trawling through Twitter looking for blog post ideas, but now and again, he finds a Tweet that leaves him breathless with righteous indignation. This is one of those Tweets: From this, we should believe that according to Pastor Gabriel Hughes on Twitter, we ought to save our breath,Continue reading “Not to tell people that God loves them”

Gradual decline by American Christians

When we see documentaries about the North American people we get a picture that they are ‘very religious’. Christianity, which was once shared by a majority of Americans, has seen a gradual decline as fewer people hold to the core tenets of the faith. The latest research by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona ChristianContinue reading “Gradual decline by American Christians”

Internal or external devil

On our ecclesial contact form Anthony Buzzard wrote: Can you please explain how the Devil can be internal when in Matthew 4 he is said to approach Jesus from the outside? How can the tempter there mean a temptation from within when he is expressly said to come from the outside? Thanks for your answer.Continue reading “Internal or external devil”

In Coronatime thinking about death

None of us likes thinking about death, but there are times when we have little choice. For weeks now we did not hear anything else that so many died. Everywhere in the world, lives are lost. The unseen enemy has reached every corner of society, being rich does not help you to avoid the deathContinue reading “In Coronatime thinking about death”

Is there an Immortal soul

In the 2001 Translation – An American English Bible we did find: The Immortal Soul Problem One of the reasons why there can be no Hell of eternal torture is because a person would need an ‘immortal soul’ to be sent there. In other words, a portion of his or her personality would have toContinue reading “Is there an Immortal soul”

Immortality, eternality – onsterfelijkheid, eeuwigheid

An endless life, is it possible? – Een leven zonder einde, is het mogelijk? Under the Tag “Onsterfelijkheid” (Immortality) you shall be able to find articles about the quality or condition of being immortal in the sense of having endless life or existence. The the quality or state of being immortal, having or receiving anContinue reading “Immortality, eternality – onsterfelijkheid, eeuwigheid”

What happens when we die?

The Question  of the Month by is: What happens when we die? Everybody becomes confronted with death. Today when young people hear the bad news they often quickly change the subject or say: “bad luck”. The tragedy is soon forgotten. The middle-aged do not care to contemplate death. It is too far off yetContinue reading “What happens when we die?”


Op wikipedia zijn omtrent de denkwijze rond de ziel na de dood verschenen: in het Nederlands: Annihilationisme: Het annihilationisme is een christelijk dogma dat zondaren na hun dood vernietigd worden, en niet eeuwig zullen lijden in de hel of de poel van vuur. in het Engels:Annihilationism: Annihilationism is the minority Christian doctrine that sinners areContinue reading “Annihilationisme”