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Time for the church to wake up and smell the coffee

Recently, many members of the Christadelphian community, men as well as women, have questioned the interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:11–14 and 1 Corinthians 14:34–35 and believe it to be detrimental to God’s design for the body of Christ and a source of disillusionment for current and potential members.

The Big Question: How to keep your home warm this winter as energy bills soar?

How can you keep your home warm this winter as energy bills soar? Ofgem has announced its latest review of the energy price cap, with the maximum amount utility providers can charge their standard tariff customers in the UK rising to £3,549 a year from 1 October, an astounding 80 per cent hike.   TheContinue reading “The Big Question: How to keep your home warm this winter as energy bills soar?”

Living in this world and viewing it

The Baby boomers saw how their parents became slave of their work and materials around them and started questioning their way of life, church and faith, wondering of this was a good way to continue to build up our society.

EU Commission proposing an emergency intervention in Europe’s energy markets to tackle dramatic price rises

The EU Commission is bringing further proposals to the table which Member States can swiftly adopt and implement, to ease the pressure on households and businesses.

Bloomberg looking at the Balance of power June 23

The Group of Seven summit or G7 facing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the ensuing economic and humanitarian fallout.

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #2

Many people their experience of religion is simply a quest for social order, group cohesion, and personal belonging,

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #1

In many American churches, evangelists preach about burning in hell and make people afraid that if they don’t give enough to God (read church) they will suffer, while otherwise happiness will smile on them.

The Independent’s Big Question for 9 Jun 2022: Will the climate crisis place coastal Britain at risk?

The climate emergency will inevitably mean some of the UK’s coastal communities will have to relocate elsewhere, according to Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency.

The Big Question for the week of 2022 June 07

Could the four-day week ever become the norm in Britain? The UK’s biggest-ever trial of the four-day working week has just commenced, with over 70 companies and 3,300 workers taking part.   An impressive list of companies are joining the pilot scheme from across a wide range of sectors including banking, care, online retail, ITContinue reading “The Big Question for the week of 2022 June 07”

An answer to gun violence according two American pastors

The only reasonable way to have lesser accidental, as well as shootings on purpose, is to limit access to weapons, though in the States one can find pastors who claim the reason for such violence is that people left God.