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Putin warns UK it is ramping up war with its ‘nuclear component’ arms for Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has accused Britain of escalating the war in Ukraine after it emerged that the UK will send Kyiv depleted uranium shells. The Russian president was speaking at a joint press conference with Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, where he said the delivery of the armour-piercing shells showed the West was not ready forContinue reading “Putin warns UK it is ramping up war with its ‘nuclear component’ arms for Ukraine”

Putin needing weapons from Xi

Putin needs weapons from Xi, but diplomatic support against the ICC arrest warrant may be more palatable By Dominic Nicholls ASSOCIATE EDITOR (DEFENCE) Ooh, for a peek at the items on the agenda for today’s meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Weapons? Possibly. What Putin really needs are armoured vehicles and the technology toContinue reading “Putin needing weapons from Xi”

Putin giving Xi Jinping the emperor treatment

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Kremlin in Moscow Credit: Reuters Putin is giving Xi the emperor treatment – and the perfect platform for his anti-Western agenda By Sophia Yan CHINA CORRESPONDENT Russian cosmonauts flying the Chinese and Russian flags in space. “A warm welcome to Russia for the leaderContinue reading “Putin giving Xi Jinping the emperor treatment”

Russia and China sharing similar goals

Russia and China ‘share similar goals’, Xi tells Putin China’s president Xi Jinping has told Vladimir Putin that Moscow and Beijing “share similar goals” and called the Russian president his “dear friend” during talks at the Kremlin. At the start of his three-day state visit to Russia, Mr Xi also told Putin that he wasContinue reading “Russia and China sharing similar goals”

The Assad-Putin summit in Moscow

If a four-way (Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey) meeting of foreign ministers is agreed upon, it could herald a breakthrough in the Syria-Turkey crisis that meets Syria’s terms and paves the way for a meeting between Assad and Erdogan.

The Jordan Times: Implications of Chinese-brokered rapprochement between Saudi Arabia, Iran

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Amer Al Sabaileh. Last week, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations at a summit in Beijing. Track two diplomacy between the two countries started two years ago, when the former Iraqi prime minister Mustafa Al Kadimi played a major role in paving the way for…

Several large, and delicate, elephants in the room in New Delhi by G20

There will be several large, and delicate, elephants in the room in New Delhi today as Group of 20 foreign ministers kick off their meeting. Unlike the Group of Seven developed nations, which are tightly bound in their stance against Russia over its war in Ukraine, the broader G-20 showcases all sorts of complications andContinue reading “Several large, and delicate, elephants in the room in New Delhi by G20”

Één jaar later

Poetin blijft zijn landgenoten vertellen dat het Westen Rusland bedreigt heeft en dat hij daarom tegen de tegenstanders van zijn natie in het verweer moet gaan en indien het nodig zal zijn zelfs atoomwapens zal moeten gaan gebruiken.

Balloons, spying and Easing tensions

President Joe Biden said he’s planning to speak soon with Xi Jinping about an alleged Chinese spy balloon brought down over US territory. Making his first extended remarks about the incident, Biden said he would “responsibly manage” competition with Beijing “so that it doesn’t veer into conflict” between the world’s biggest economies.