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Parallels between Nazi Germany’s aggression during World War II and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

An afterthought of the Remembrance Day for the heroes and victims of the Warsaw Ghetto riot.

By the death of Chaim Topol

Who does not know the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”? Many of us remember several of is songs and dances. Brother Marcus also danced on the stage version. The Israeli actor, singer, and illustrator Chaim Topol, also spelled Haym Topol, was, by far, best known for his embodiment of Tevye the Dairyman in “Fiddler onContinue reading “By the death of Chaim Topol”

Overly sexualised culture by Conservative movement’s youth groups

An investigation into sexual abuse and misconduct in the Conservative movement’s youth group programs over the past seven decades identified an “overly sexualized culture” and collected accounts of alleged abuse from 40 victims. Most of the allegations included in the investigation took place between 1987 and 2019 in the New York City area, and theContinue reading “Overly sexualised culture by Conservative movement’s youth groups”

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine helping Jews to celebrate Hanukkah

These days with the lighting of the menorah, one can think of the hope that the Most High provides for His People. This gives extra courage to persevere and face the dark days full of hope and awareness that there will (one day) be an end.

Former president says American Jews are ungrateful for all he has done for Jewish state

We know all too well how Donald Trump knows how to bluff and likes to talk himself into the limelight. He himself wants to remind us how he has stuck his neck out for the Jewish People.

Blazen op de sjofar ter verwittiging en herinnering

Elul bracht ons er toe om op de sjofar te blazen als een teken van waarschuwing voor de dagen die wij nu tegemoet moeten gaan en hoe wij verder op de allerhoogste moeten vertrouwen.

AJC Global Forum 2022: World at crossroads Democracy versus Tyranny

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) wants to make a difference on the issues that matter. The challenges facing the Jewish people are great, but from the recent conference it looks like there is a large gap between the younger and older generation.

American abortion debate is certainly about bodily autonomy

The American’s are so proud, saying they live in the country of the free. What we might see is that for white supremacists weapons may be carried and black people killed without hesitation. Strangely enough, lots of people shouting against abortion have nothing against the killing of youngsters and adult people, and cry for havingContinue reading “American abortion debate is certainly about bodily autonomy”

Bij de graftombe van rabbijn Nachman van Breslov in Uman

De grote mysticus rabbijn Nachman van Breslov, kleinzoon van de stichter van het chassidische jodendom, Baal Shem Tov, geeft de mensen in Uman veel hoop.

Adar Aleph the month Russia invaded Ukraine

This Adar Aleph, Russia invaded Ukraine, still the Jewish People chose to do acts of rejoicing