American abortion debate is certainly about bodily autonomy

The American’s are so proud, saying they live in the country of the free. What we might see is that for white supremacists weapons may be carried and black people killed without hesitation. Strangely enough, lots of people shouting against abortion have nothing against the killing of youngsters and adult people, and cry for havingContinue reading “American abortion debate is certainly about bodily autonomy”

Bij de graftombe van rabbijn Nachman van Breslov in Uman

De grote mysticus rabbijn Nachman van Breslov, kleinzoon van de stichter van het chassidische jodendom, Baal Shem Tov, geeft de mensen in Uman veel hoop.

Adar Aleph the month Russia invaded Ukraine

This Adar Aleph, Russia invaded Ukraine, still the Jewish People chose to do acts of rejoicing

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