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The New York Times from July 04 – July 10

The headlights for the 1st week of July by the New York Times

AJC Global Forum 2022: World at crossroads Democracy versus Tyranny

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) wants to make a difference on the issues that matter. The challenges facing the Jewish people are great, but from the recent conference it looks like there is a large gap between the younger and older generation.

The Independent looking at the week of May 01-07

The Independent looking at Mariupol, British local elections a.o. in the first days of May 2022.

The Guardian looking at Ukraine one month after the invasion

The Guardian looking at the latest round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and the refugee scheme that had given people “false hope” and amounted to a “gimmick”.

The Telegraph’s view 2022 March 21-27

From March 21-27 mostly Ukraine got all the attention.

Two presidents warning the West of what might come

Putin sent out fake news into the world, contradicted by pictures and by survivors who could escape the horror of the Ukrainian war ignited by Putin.