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Members of a volunteer unit made up of Russian citizens

If you want a closer look at the fighters who have claimed responsibility for a rare assault just over the Ukrainian border in Russia’s Belgorod region, you can look into the volunteer unit Russian Freedom Legion (RFL).

Russians saying now there is enough proof the West is attacking the Russian Federation

From the Russian army deserted and individual Russian resistance fighters against Putin, we see that a counter-movement has started against the government that is in the Kremlin.

Verzwegen pensioenregelingen

Een gevaar voor de democratie is hoe ver de politici van het gewone volk staan en zich zonder schroom verrijken op kap van de wekende mens aan wie zij heel wat beperkingen opleggen waar zij zichzelf niet wensen aan te houden of als politieker denken te mogen boven staan.

For those who want to look at the world from another point of view

Some people may feel totally lost and bewildered in this world they are living in. For much too long they have placed their trust in other people, not enough checking if what and whom they were following would be the right thing. Many people, though, think it is not important to go to examine everythingContinue reading “For those who want to look at the world from another point of view”

U.S. Immigration Statistics 2023 update

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) today published the latest version of its ever-popular resource, Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States, offering up-to-date and authoritative data about the 45.3 million immigrants in the United States and current and historical U.S. immigration trends. The article in MPI’s Migration Information Source online magazineContinue reading “U.S. Immigration Statistics 2023 update”

Children by two dads without mother in the picture

Katsuhiko Hayashi, of the University of Osaka, used genetic engineering to create seven mice pups, by turning male stem cells into eggs.