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How far has it to go

Not all Russians are willing to accept the great losses for a war while should not be, and therefore start taking more actions in Russia.

Russia accuses Ukraine of drone attack on President Putin

Putin is struggling in Ukraine, where the Russian troops do not seem to get the results Putin wanted. Therefore, Putin needs an excuse to launch something even more devastating than we have seen so far.

The Times, April 19, 2023: Religious icons with image of ‘almighty’ Putin sent to Russian troops

Russian troops in Ukraine received religious icons featuring an image of President Putin for Orthodox Easter, it has been claimed, as the Kremlin moved to scale down its annual Victory Day parades over security concerns.

Not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God but using the bad experiences also to make us grow

The bottom line, in our lives, is not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God.

Sixth commandment of Biblical law illegal in Russia

The words “Thou shalt not kill” discredit the Russian army’s special operation in Ukraine. That is what a court in Moscow ruled.

Kids’ Worship versus Kids’ Liturgy

When churches don’t plan to have children present, they probably ought not be building a new building, but should consider why they would exclude children from their service.

Voor hen die Hemelvaart vieren

Vandaag is het een donderdag met een speciale betekenis, waarvoor het ook een feestdag is in het hele land. Als reden voor de bijzonderheid van deze dag, of officiële feestdag, wordt opgegeven dat het speciaal is om te herdenken dat Jezus Christus opgestegen is naar de hemel, vandaar “Hemelvaartsdag“. In veel landen is Hemelvaartsdag eenContinue reading “Voor hen die Hemelvaart vieren”

Asking God to give Ukrainians strength and courage to go on with their lives

Asking God to provide courage, strength and patience and to be a good example to others whilst waiting for Jesus’ return.