A Christmas thought: Abiding in Christ

Today is a day when many families come together. Some of them would take this day, December 25, to remember the birth of Jesus Christ (which in reality was on October 17) but which they celebrate on the birthday of the goddess of light. Yesterday night several people came together to celebrate Christmas Eve. ItContinue reading “A Christmas thought: Abiding in Christ”

Tijdens Coronaperiode toch Dagen om over God te praten

Deze dagen wanneer we elkaar weer gaan treffen rond de feestdis is het belangrijk om bepaalde onderwerpen, zoals Corona en vaccinaties, maar ook politiek, te vermijden om geen oplopende discussies te hebben. Normaal zeggen ze ook dat men best niet over godsdienst praat, maar toch verzoekt God ons met anderen over Hem te praten. WijContinue reading “Tijdens Coronaperiode toch Dagen om over God te praten”

Thought in this coronacrisis period: Be Strong

Yesterday in the VRT programme Terzake there was a child psychologist who explained how difficult children have it today in this Corona period. According to many psychologists, young people have a much harder time than young adults, although we should not underestimate the problems of young adults. In the Old Manuscripts with the history ofContinue reading “Thought in this coronacrisis period: Be Strong”

Gedachte in deze coronacrisis periode: Wees Sterk

Gisteren in het VRT-programma Terzake was er een kinderpsychologe die uitlegde hoe moeilijk kinderen het vandaag hebben in deze Coronaperiode. Volgens vele psychologen hebben jongeren het heel wat zwaarder dan jong volwassenen, ook al mogen wij die problemen van jong volwassenen niet onderschatten. In de Oude Manuscripten met de geschiedenis van Gods Volk kunnen weContinue reading “Gedachte in deze coronacrisis periode: Wees Sterk”

Putin and Xi form a new axis against Nato

As the West shores up their own strategies as conflict looms so is the East. Russia has turned to China to request its backing. President Xi has given his support to Putin’s demands and promised to defend each other’s interests against America.

Iranian mouthpiece threatens Israel with map of targets

The Israel Defence Forces earlier this month said it will conduct a major air force exercise in the spring simulating a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. While focusing on the Iranian nuclear program and talks in Vienna, Israel is also keeping a watchful eye on developments in Syria.

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements

In September we had Russian strategic bombers which carried out flights over Belarus, that once was part of the USSR, in a show of support for President Lukashenko as a stand-off over thousands of migrants continued on the country’s border with Poland. Germany and Poland have accused President Putin of working with Belarus to escalate theContinue reading “Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements”

Iran could build nuclear bomb ‘within months’

Iran has sped up production of enriched uranium to a point where it could have enough for a nuclear weapon within months, according to the United Nations’ atomic watchdog. Israel is ready to face the confrontation with Iran, and ready to take action against its arch enemy.

Germany blocks Nord Stream 2 pipe from Russia

Putin is trying to pressure Germany to switch on the new pipeline. But Germany has pushed back and delayed it.
Boris Johnson reiterated Britain’s opposition to Nord Stream 2, which would double Russia’s gas export capacity to central Europe but would also enable Moscow to bypass Ukraine.

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