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Climate Hero – Christiana Figueres

The Costa Rican diplomat who oversaw the Paris agreement deserves the award many times over, but this week’s warning about a potentially calamitous Cop28 deserves special recognition. Figueres said the UAE, who are hosting the summit in Dubai, are playing a “very dangerous” game that threatens the survival of vulnerable nations. The meeting is beingContinue reading “Climate Hero – Christiana Figueres”

After the earthquake the Arab League agreed to reinstate Syria

Nothing has changed since Syria was forced out of the Arab League, but now Syria is readmitted to the Arab League again.

Turning a blind eye for Syria

Many expect to see the start — if not full return — of Syria’s membership to the Arab League

The Jordan Times: Ahead of Arab summit, Saudi Arabia repositioning as regional mediator

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Amer Al Sabaileh. Saudi diplomacy amongst Arab countries has been very active recently, and coming up soon the Kingdom will host the next meeting of the Arab league. As part of this recent activity, the Saudi foreign minister paid a visit to Syria last week and for the…

Rai al-Youm: The proxy war in Sudan

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Abdel Bari Atwan. Yet another calamity contrived by the US and Israel with the collusion of Arab regimes As the war in Yemen ends or begins to be ended, a new war is being started in Sudan. What the two conflicts on opposite sides of the Red Sea…

Bashar al-Assad’s disaster diplomacy

Al-Assad offered up a rare concession, permitting U.N. aid convoys to use two additional border crossings from Turkey to pass directly into opposition-controlled territory for the first time since the civil war began 12 years ago.

Rai al-Youm: Yemen: the truce is over

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Abdel Bari Atwan. Sanaa can’t just sit back while the blockade persists and the noose is tighten When the Ansarullah-led government in Sanaa held two massive military parades featuring modern missiles and drones, it was clear it was serving notice that the latest two-month ceasefire has expired and…

Americans need to end their indifference concerning the war in Yemen

Originally posted on The Peace Pirate:
America And It’s Military Industrial Complex Have Facilitated A Destructive War In Yemen That’s Already Claimed 400,000 Lives. Interest in the war that has been ongoing in Yemen since 2015 has been persistently limited, whether among diplomats, the media, or the general public. This is surprising when one thinks…

The New York Times for the 2nd week of August 2022

August 08 Children in Gaza City reacted to an Israeli airstrike on Saturday. Over the weekend, 44 Palestinians, including 15 children, were killed, health officials said.Mohammed Abed/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images A cease-fire in Gaza Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza agreed to a cease-fire late last night, which appeared to hold as of thisContinue reading “The New York Times for the 2nd week of August 2022”