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Marcus Ampe

Creator and reflector

From childhood, Marcus Ampe was an industrious restless bee who did nothing but question things, sometimes getting on his parents’ nerves.

In terms of religion, he was certainly not easy in the Roman Catholic environment in which he grew up and served as an altar boy, while he questioned many doctrines of that Catholic Church. For him, many customs in that Church belonged to pagan rites and customs that were not at all in accordance with the Bible. Therefore, in his teenage years, he searched for biblical truth and joined the non-trinitarian Baptists, where he felt at home for many years. But over the years, Trinitarian Baptists gained ground all over the world and many non-trinitarian Baptists joined other non-trinitarian churches, such as the Church of God, Restoration Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others.
After several years and a brief working period with the Free Christians, Marcus Ampe joined the Christadelphians, also known in the Dutch-speaking world as the Brethren in Christ.

It is from that vision as a “child of God” and as a Christadelphian that the now-retired dancer-choreographer-choreologist looks at the world with his biblical faith and dares to respond to it. Because sitting still and letting everything happen is still not in his nature.

What he does
  • As a retired dancer, choreographer and choreologist, he still enjoys the arts in general.
  • He has always been fascinated by human history and the well-being of man and his environment (animals and plants). Because of this, he has always continued to stand up for those who have been or still are oppressed and in need.
  • He believes that we must work together to create a more liveable world in which there is more equality and gratitude for everyone and everything.
  • He insists on freedom of opinion in a world where everyone can enjoy all forms of freedom in a benevolent nature.
  • In addition to his own thinking and working space Marcus Ampe’s Space, he also collects contributions for the Lifestyle magazine “From Guestwriters“, which he founded, where he wants to cover various topics and show the beauty of language by also presenting texts and poems of others.
  • In addition, he provides a platform for his religious community with ecclesial news and religious reports. For example, you can find texts by Christadelphians on the Ecclesia site and on the Brothers in Christ site, which were created and shaped by him.


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