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Europe sucked into a war against Russia

Ukraines war against Russia has developed during the previous months such that the contributions made by other countries in defence of Ukraine ended up involving all of Eorpa in this war.

2023 January 10 Beyond Brexit

With Europe faced with the biggest, bloodiest war on the Continent since 1945, the European Union and Nato on Tuesday agreed that it would be easier and safer to rely on the United States for security.

The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10

Good evening, As a veteran of the Brexit Wars 2017-2020, I have learned to be highly sceptical of claims of a breakthrough in the talks about a settlement over the Northern Ireland Protocol. That was how I felt when the United Kingdom and European Union hailed a big advance in Brexit talks over the NorthernContinue reading “The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10”

The Telegraph Beyond Brexit Bulletin for 2023 January 03

The Prime Minister has pledged to review all Brussels rules by the end of this year Credit: James Manning/PA Wire The PM knows a bonfire of EU red tape risks undoing reset relations with Europe By Nick Gutteridge, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT Just like his two predecessors, Rishi Sunak’s first New Year in office has come accompaniedContinue reading “The Telegraph Beyond Brexit Bulletin for 2023 January 03”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2022 December 16

By Danny Boyle After the final part of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series was released, our royal experts have analysed what we learnt.   The big story: The 17 key moments from Netflix finale After all the anticipation, that is it. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s controversial documentary has been released in full. TheContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2022 December 16”

Alan Sked’s view on the EU

<>”The EU may not survive for much longer. It is still “a work in progress”, but without any progress. It lacks fiscal unity, armed forces, an effective foreign service, and accountability in government. It possesses a sclerotic parliament, a problematic currency and suffers from massive corruption if its Court of Auditors is to be believed..”Continue reading “Alan Sked’s view on the EU”

Russia War Crimes document circulating in EU, opposed by ICC chief prosecutor

Originally posted on The Snapper:
Recently, a draft has been going around a United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York for a Nuremberg-like tribunal to hold Russia responsible for all the war crimes it has committed in its war on Ukraine. Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24th this year under the…

How Britain could move away from contentious Protocol trade deal

Brexit border checks have been a contentious issue since the UK and European Union first sat down to negotiate divorce terms.

Historic Compensation Fund Approved At UN Climate Talks

Originally posted on Stigmatis:
“Loss and damage is a way of both recognizing past harm and compensating for that past harm,” said Dartmouth climate scientist Justin Mankin. Activists encourage world leaders to maintain policies that limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and provide reparations for loss and damage at the COP27 UN Climate Summit, Nov.…

What was at stake in Sharm El-Sheikh

Whilst the cost of inaction is far, far greater than the cost of inaction for many countries, it was difficult to come to an agreement to contribute to a fund helping those countries most affected by pollution from the industrial and most polluting countries.