The Guardian’s view on the world 4th week of May 2022

Whilst the UK consumer confidence falls to lowest level since 1974 the Guardian looks at the fourth week o May

Around Ukrainians with Pesach, Roman Catholic’s Easter and Zelenskyy’s prayer on Orthodox Easter.

Two special weekends by which the Ukrainian president his prayer for Orthodox Easter could also be a good one for all Ukrainians.

Has Ukraine become a Symbol of ‘Freedom’

The West with the U.S.A. decided to do everything they can to help the Ukrainians bring this war to an end on the possible terms as quickly as possible.

Indy briefing for the week of April 6, 2022

  When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February and the Ukrainian people, led by their inspiring president Volodymyr Zelensky, bravely fought back, the first thing that sprung to everyone’s mind was the UK voting to leave the EU, right? Well, that’s at least what Boris Johnson thinks. That’s exactly the bizarre and very ill-advised comparisonContinue reading “Indy briefing for the week of April 6, 2022”

Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022

  The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is shocking and disgraceful. It is the latest terrible aggression by the Putin regime and the latest damaging conflict in our world, with so many people being killed or injured, losing loved ones and seeing their homes destroyed. The world, and we in the UK, have been tooContinue reading “Christians on the Left Statement on Ukraine April 2022”

Deceived Russian boys and mothers

Angry Russian mothers accused Vladimir Putin of deploying their sons as “cannon fodder” in his invasion of Ukraine. “We were all deceived, all deceived. They were sent there as cannon fodder,” one woman shouted at a meeting in the Kuzbass region in Siberia. “They are young. They were unprepared.” The conditions in which the RussianContinue reading “Deceived Russian boys and mothers”

Random Thoughts 3/15/2022 by Ray Barbier and Marcus Ampe

Originally posted on One Lifetime Blog:
Photo by Artu016bras Kokorevas on One must be awed, amazed and just plain overwhelmed by the courage, strength, fearlessness, and determination of the Ukrainian people. They are in a war/conflict where they are outnumbered, outgunned, and for most people would be considered dire or hopeless. To them, there…

The Independent’s look at the third week of March 2022

The third week of March 2022 looked at by the Independent.

Conscientious objection and Ukraine

Originally posted on Quakers and Religious Socialism:
Amid the horrifying situation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was concerned every time I heard that Ukrainian men aged 18 – 60 were banned from leaving the country. I studied war resistance and conscientious objection extensively while a student at Scattergood Friends School. All males in…

Ukraine has proven to be a self-confident nation

Ukrainians have surprisingly quickly put aside their differences and are choosing to fight, and die, in defence of their nation’s liberty whilst the frustrated Russian leader commissioned his troops to spare nothing and even to use the weapons forbidden by international conventions, such as cluster bombs and fluorine firebombs.

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