Ukraine and Estonia taking further steps to intensify bilateral cooperation

Ukraine and Estonia desire to bring bilateral relations to a qualitatively new level and agreed that those relations shall contribute to strengthening both parties.

Countries around the world urging their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately

The world might see that a conflict in East Europe, with a possible invasion of Ukraine, could come to cause a chain reaction that ultimately leads to a Russian invasion of Israel by Gog (Russian ruler) “of the land of Magog”

Wars and Rumors of War…Russia Moves into Belarus

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Rumors of war are heating up. Russia has threatened America and our allies not to interfere in their apparent takeover attempt of Ukraine, or hinder former Soviet bloc nations such as Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary from leaving NATO. Russia is putting pressure on those satellite nations…

Britain leading the way with military support for Ukraine

Britain (the king of the south) is leading the way with military support for Ukraine, starting to military provoke Russia (Gog).

Key element to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict

As the relationship with the gas supplier Russia and the Western countries is currently strained, the topic of energy, especially gas from Russia, is becoming a political ball game.

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements

In September we had Russian strategic bombers which carried out flights over Belarus, that once was part of the USSR, in a show of support for President Lukashenko as a stand-off over thousands of migrants continued on the country’s border with Poland. Germany and Poland have accused President Putin of working with Belarus to escalate theContinue reading “Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements”

About 100 soldiers from Royal Engineers reportedly being sent to help reinforce frontier

You could find already several messages about thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East, who have sought to cross into the European Union at the frontier between Poland and Belarus in recent weeks. The UK and allies have accused Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko of engineering the crisis, with defence secretary Ben Wallace saying theContinue reading “About 100 soldiers from Royal Engineers reportedly being sent to help reinforce frontier”

Are we shambling into WWIII?

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World War I started with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand by Serbian extremists. This shows that even in the beginning of the 20th century the world was so interconnected that an assassination in Bosnia could lead to a world war. Of course this happened because there was great tension…

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