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New laws to protect media freedom and pluralism in our democracies

With the 2024 European elections on the horizon, in 2023 the EU is set to adopt new laws to protect media freedom and pluralism in our democracies. These include a proposal, known as the anti-SLAPPs directive, to protect journalists, as well as anyone else exercising their right to freedom of expression, from abusive lawsuits. AContinue reading “New laws to protect media freedom and pluralism in our democracies”

How willing are people to stand up for their values and beliefs

One can find several people doing violence against the truth. Similarly, there is Richard Martin who claims that fascism and communism are twin brothers.

Federal PM condemns Sunday’s violence on the streets of Brussels

There is freedom of expression, but it is unacceptable that a demonstration turns violent. What was seen in Brussels, The Hague, Rotterdam and some other towns, was criminal behaviour and is repugnant.

Safeguarding freedom of expression

Each individual has their own potential to think about matters and to express himself or herself to make sure that everywhere everybody shall be able to receive all human rights. The Norwegian Nobel Committee described Filipino American journalist Maria Ressa and Russian editor Dmitry Muratov as “representatives of all journalists who stand up for thisContinue reading “Safeguarding freedom of expression”