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Living in this world and viewing it

The Baby boomers saw how their parents became slave of their work and materials around them and started questioning their way of life, church and faith, wondering of this was a good way to continue to build up our society.

The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August

August 01 Queen hails ‘inspiration’ as Lionesses make history The Queen hailed England’s women footballers as “an inspiration for future generations” after they thrilled the country with an epic victory in the final of Euro 2022. The Lionesses’ 2-1 win over Germany, after a near-perfect run to the final, was watched at Wembley Stadium andContinue reading “The Telegraph looking at the world the first week of August”

The Observer end of July 2022 overview

Hi all, Truly can’t imagine a hotter summer. With heat waves in Europe, an ever changing political sphere, and wars still ongoing abroad, it’s a surreal time to be alive. No one can deny that yet we still find ourselves time and time again drawn back to art of all kinds. We make sense ofContinue reading “The Observer end of July 2022 overview”

Stability of our society threatened by disinformation via deep fakes endangering democracy

Despite numerous positive use cases of AI-generated synthetic media, deep-fakes might also pose significant dangers to democracy and become the new standard of masterful manipulation. 

The New York Times from July 04 – July 10

The headlights for the 1st week of July by the New York Times

A Televangelist Says Women Should Be Imprisoned When They Steal Men’s Virginities

How a preacher clearly shows that he does not have it in for the women.

De Verslaafden aan de Smartphone

Van jongeren wordt vaak verwacht dat ze volledig mee zijn met de digitale wereld, maar dat blijkt niet altijd het geval te zijn. Wel weten zij veel tijd te steken in het zien van allerhande bewegende beelden via streaming platformen, nu voor hen de klassieke tv kanalen hebben afgedaan.

Newspapers: Dying or Changing

Originally posted on What's Going On? :
In a world where everything is becoming digital from money, education, work, and relationships, it would be a good guess to assume that the idea of a newspaper will eventually burn out and be a thing of the past, yet they are still hanging on to some key…

The Ever-Evolving Industry of Journalism: its Quest to Survive in a Digital World

Originally posted on Everything with Anna:
Photo by Pixabay on Thinking about a traditional shopping mall twenty years ago and thinking about one in 2022 bring about two completely different images. Many malls once vibrant and full of people are now desolate and near extinct. The main reason behind this change is the rise…

Aan Ab Gietelink: Er is geen censuur op sociale media en internet, maar terughoudendheid om journalistieke taak ernstig te nemen

Originally posted on George Knight: We beseffen onvoldoende dat de techgiganten particuliere bedrijven zijn met richtlijnen die ze zelf kunnen vaststellen en handhaven. De samenleving is te veel gaan leunen op Facebook, Twitter en YouTube. Waarom het vooral fout gaat is dat de techgiganten vinden dat ze platforms zijn die ‘doorgeven’, terwijl overheden en…