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Russians shunned and made silent

Over a few days, we have to face that it was one year ago that Russia did what it said never to do. For months, the Russian government told the citizens of the federation it was going to liberate the Ukrainians of Neo-Nazis and corrupt leaders. As the months of 2022 wore on, and itContinue reading “Russians shunned and made silent”

Christenen die beweren te behoren tot het Volk van God en Israël tot hun heilig land willen uitroepen

Al enkele jaren trachten evangelischen mensen te doen geloven dat hun geloof en gemeenschap het Beloofde Land zal kunnen verwezenlijken, en dat zij nu het Uitverkoren Volk van God zijn.

Croatia: The Glamorization of Fascism

Originally posted on Red October Goth:
Croatian-Australians marching in Sydney waving flags of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia and portraits of Ustasha-lover Franjo Tudjman. “If the Croats were part of the Reich, we’d have them serving as faithful auxiliaries of the German Führer, to police our marshes. The Croats are a proud people…The…

How willing are people to stand up for their values and beliefs

One can find several people doing violence against the truth. Similarly, there is Richard Martin who claims that fascism and communism are twin brothers.

On Quora: Is it true that Ukraine is overrun with Neo-Nazis?

Truth About Russia answers Yes, absolutely. Although it’s not the whole country thankfully. This map shows it nicely. The areas in red are those that have been overrun with neo-nazis. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come they will slowly be pushed back to the snake pit they came from. Further replies: Francis TalbutianContinue reading “On Quora: Is it true that Ukraine is overrun with Neo-Nazis?”

How many innocent people have still to be killed before Americans are going to restrict the purchase of weapons through rules

After yet another shooting incident in which innocent children and adults died, it is high time for the American people to rise up against the powerful gun lobby, which has become so entrenched in the political sphere that they are actually the ones making the rules in the country.

Has Ukraine become a Symbol of ‘Freedom’

The West with the U.S.A. decided to do everything they can to help the Ukrainians bring this war to an end on the possible terms as quickly as possible.

Gang Fascism: How Capital Weaponizes the Social Ills It Creates

Originally posted on Left of Left:
By Rainer Shea   In?The Peasant War in Germany, Friedrich Engels wrote: The lumpenproletariat, this scum of the decaying elements of all classes, which establishes headquarters in all the big cities, is the worst of all possible allies. It is an absolutely venal, an absolutely brazen crew. If the French workers,…