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An overview site of events that should concern many.

On this site, you can find overviews of what has reached the public press, as well as issues that are not so much made public. To present those overviews of press articles and stand-alone articles, a lot of time and money goes into it. To this end, to make this work possible and to support it, it would be nice if you as a reader would sign up as a follower, but if you would also like to make a financial contribution, that would be greatly appreciated.

Marcus Ampe, responsible editor

Marcus Ampe
Foksweg 14
B.3061 Leefdaal – Bertem
Vlaams Brabant
European Union

To contact us, it is best to comment directly on a page or article.


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Bankaccount: Giro: BE37 9730 6618 2528
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