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The Telegraph Frontpage for the Pentecost weekend of May 2023

Jeremy Hunt has said he is comfortable with Britain falling into a recession if it is necessary to defeat inflation, days after the IMF said Britain would avoid a downturn. Jeremy Hunt will accept a recession if it brings down inflation The Chancellor said he would back the Bank of England in raising interest ratesContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for the Pentecost weekend of May 2023”

Wishing to improve our community

Hoping more people shall come along to read but also comment on the articles, to inspire more people to call for the protection of mother earth, and on the other hand also to spread the message of peace and of the Good News of the coming paradise.

About a coronation, Brexit and Britain’s property market

Dear Reader, On Saturday, King Charles III will follow in the footsteps of 39 monarchs when he is crowned at Westminster Abbey. Let us take you through the doors of this historic venue and show you, in spectacular 3D detail, the path His Majesty will take. In the spring of 2016, George Osborne issued aContinue reading “About a coronation, Brexit and Britain’s property market”

Abuse in churches never far away

It has been a while since we heard of any scandals about events in the church. But in the evangelical community, there is now stirring in the pot of Summer Soul Survivor events with Rev Canon Pilavachi as the abuser.

Days to be open to others

A celebration event for multiple religion denominations during the same period in April 2023

Jesus the suffering man who called to God

About a man in agony crying to his heavenly Father.

The New Arab: Israeli protests seek to uphold the settler colonial status quo, Palestinian resistance is the means of liberation

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Tara Alami. The anti-government Israeli protests that have taken place over the last months highlight an unravelling of contradictions within the Zionist project. But ultimately, they seek to continue flying the colonial flag, writes Tara Alami. During the past several years, Zionist settlers have periodically organised protests against…

By the beginning of Pesach 2023

At the opening of the most important feast of the year, we observe the commemoration of the liberation of God’s People and also remember the sacrifice of the Son of God for mankind.

Most people do not understand the importance of choosing the right God

A lot of people are so engrossed in being preoccupied with themselves that they do not take a choice to follow the One True God, but rather choose worldly teachings over Biblical teachings.

The Being of History

Originally posted on Absurd Being:
What is history? Is it just a record of a series of objective events? Do we somehow discover, or ‘unearth,’ history in these events? Is the historian just an impartial recorder of events from the past? Of course, with these questions I don’t mean to ask if history can be…