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By the death of Chaim Topol

Who does not know the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”? Many of us remember several of is songs and dances. Brother Marcus also danced on the stage version. The Israeli actor, singer, and illustrator Chaim Topol, also spelled Haym Topol, was, by far, best known for his embodiment of Tevye the Dairyman in “Fiddler onContinue reading “By the death of Chaim Topol”

By the autobiography of Marcus Ampe

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence? Normally I would not be a person bringing forwards intimate writings made during life or made at a time when I would feel my life coming to an end. Though I do not want to die yet, I must confess I have come to a period ofContinue reading “By the autobiography of Marcus Ampe”

Starving Dingoes an uncompromising medical drama in dance

Léa Tirabasso had ovarian cancer some years ago, and in the creation of this piece she worked with two oncologists, looking at a kind of cellular death called apoptosis, a mechanism that allows cells to self-destruct when stimulated by the appropriate trigger. She’s not the first choreographer to engage in scientific research only to leave youContinue reading “Starving Dingoes an uncompromising medical drama in dance”

Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb

Young, precarious, and accustomed to following orders: young ballet dancers were the perfect victims writes Alice Robb in her new memoir, “Don’t Think, Dear”, about her love affair with ballet. Jeffrey Epstein who would go looking for young girls to abuse at New York ballet classes, including at an Upper East Side studio where AliceContinue reading “Young ballet dancers were the perfect victims, writes Alice Robb”

2023 March 05 Sunday’s essential news

Matt Hancock wanted to “deploy” a new Covid variant to “frighten the pants off” the public and ensure that they complied with lockdown, leaked messages seen by The Sunday Telegraph can disclose. Plus, Mikel Arteta described Arsenal’s victory over Bournemouth as the “most emotional moment” of his managerial career in north London. Sunday’s essential newsContinue reading “2023 March 05 Sunday’s essential news”

Experiences in life that ‘helped’ me grow

In life, we all shall encounter good and bad experiences. Those shall contribute in the formation of our inner being.

A year of courage, caring, pain, hope, endurance and above all a year of unity (1)

Looking back at those 12 months that brought the Ukrainian people full misery in “The furious year of invincibility.”

Presenting views from different sources

To give an overview of what appears in the international press and what may be important points that deserve our attention, a lot of work needs to be done, and the question can be asked whether enough readers are interested in it.

The intention of this site was to provide a free overview of interesting events and to present a variety of different news articles. But due to the very low interest in these overview articles of newspaper reports, I doubt whether it is still useful to spend so much time on it.