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What do we know about the future of journalism?

Too often, discussions of the future of media are based on misunderstandings or outright “media change denial” where people double down on arguments that are directly contradicted by a growing consensus among researchers.

De toekomst van de journalistiek

Originally posted on Hanna :
Over de invloed van sociale media is al veel gezegd en geschreven. Al lijkt er daar wel een algemene tendens te zijn die eerder negatief is tegenover sociale media. Verschillende onderzoeken en krantenartikelen waarschuwen voor de negatieve gevolgen. Het valt ook op dat er voornamelijk op jongeren gefocust wordt. Neem maar…

Presenting views from different sources

To give an overview of what appears in the international press and what may be important points that deserve our attention, a lot of work needs to be done, and the question can be asked whether enough readers are interested in it.

The intention of this site was to provide a free overview of interesting events and to present a variety of different news articles. But due to the very low interest in these overview articles of newspaper reports, I doubt whether it is still useful to spend so much time on it.

Traditional News Turns into The Journalism We Know Now

Originally posted on The News: Journalism or Gossip:
Reference the articles below about gossip and journalism separately and their place in the news world. Our world has slowly changed from the traditional black and white newspapers towards multimedia platforms. Not only has the point of view shifted but how it is presented is the most…