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Viruses, childhood vaccines and life-threatening bacteria

Karamba is one of Senegal’s most prolific witch doctors with a social media following in the hundreds of thousands Credit: Sam Bradpiece The young girl rocks manically back and forth on the sandy floor. Karamba towers over her, barking incantations, as he commands spirits to heal her. The girl screams and bangs her chest asContinue reading “Viruses, childhood vaccines and life-threatening bacteria”

Highs and lows of the Corona crisis, and other health news

Jonathan Van-Tam shore fishing on a beach in Norfolk, where he went to decompress during the pandemi’s intense phase Credit: Simon Townsley When Covid struck, they found themselves on the frontline of the UK response. Three years on from the first lockdown, scientists and experts reflect on the highs and lows of the crisis –Continue reading “Highs and lows of the Corona crisis, and other health news”

Birds, dogs, viruses, vaccinations, mysteries & poisonings

Today’s top stories Mutation in bird flu virus moves it a step closer to humans Changes in the H5N1 virus are ‘concerning’, according to the ECDC, and may suggest its potential to jump to humans is increasing. Why scientists across the West are poised to start bird vaccinations The H5N1 avian flu outbreak has becomeContinue reading “Birds, dogs, viruses, vaccinations, mysteries & poisonings”

The Telegraph Frontpage of Thursday 2023 March 09

By Matthew Robinson The Telegraph’s exclusive investigation, The Lockdown Files, exposes that Matt Hancock was advised to steer clear of Wuhan lab leak comments in his Covid memoirs by the Cabinet Office. And we reveal that Boris Johnson privately warned Dominic Raab about his conduct. By Sam Hall Good evening. The Government has announced thatContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage of Thursday 2023 March 09”

Global Headlines for 2023 March 01

Extending reach | Xi moved to consolidate the Communist Party’s hold over the world’s second-biggest economy, touting plans for sweeping changes to China’s bureaucracy and more influence within private companies. He said the party would roll out plans for “deepening structural reform” in the financial sector and boost control over science and technology, as wellContinue reading “Global Headlines for 2023 March 01”

The Jordan Times: Jordan’s Reform Journey: Progress in the Face of Challenges

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Jean-Christophe Carret. As countries across the world face the fallout from multiple crises, Jordan’s experience offers lessons in resilience and maintaining stability in the midst of turbulence. Over the past two decades, Jordan has weathered regional conflicts, pioneered a progressive and development-oriented refugee response model, and navigated the…

February 2023 Latest on coronavirus

Covid-19 levels in England have risen for the first time in five weeks, suggesting the virus is once again becoming more prevalent. Children missed more than a third of a year’s schooling during the Covid pandemic and still have not caught up, scientists have said. The world should “calm down” about the possibility of newContinue reading “February 2023 Latest on coronavirus”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2023 January 06

By Danny Boyle Revelations from the Duke of Sussex’s autobiography lay bare his bitterness over the way he feels he was treated by his family. We round up what we have learnt – and what it means for The Firm. Harry and William ‘begged’ Charles not to remarry He is using his devastating memoir toContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2023 January 06”

The Telegraph Frontpage Tuesday December 03

I want my father and brother back, says Duke of Sussex Credit: CBS News 60 Minutes The Duke of Sussex has accused his family of showing no willingness to reconcile, saying: “I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back.” Prince Harry said: “It never needed to beContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage Tuesday December 03”

The Telegraph Frontpage for the last day of 2022

Good morning. Rishi Sunak has brought back Covid travel rules for the first time since all restrictions were lifted in February, with travellers from China required to have negative Covid tests. Meanwhile, four of the Lionesses who won England’s first international football trophy since 1966 have received New Year Honours for their services to football,Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for the last day of 2022”