Who or What Are You?

Originally posted on God Everyday:
Every book in the Bible speaks of spiritual beings. Not just God-the-Father and The Holy Spirit, but Christ (before and after His incarnation) Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Watchers (Daniel 4), Disembodied Human Spirits (what remains after physical bodies have died) and, of course, Satan and his followers. Do any of those…

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It”

Originally posted on Webner House:
In 1787, as the Constitutional Convention was deliberating, there was keen public interest in what form of national government the delegates would decide to recommend to the individual states. According to a journal kept by James McHenry, a delegate to the convention from Maryland, on September 18, 1787, Elizabeth Willing…

Why Nobody Wants to Listen to Climate News

Originally posted on Claude Forthomme's Blog about Social Issues and Books:
My latest article on Impakter, just published: Climate Reporting: Why People Won’t Listen Climate change and environmental issues still do not hit the news like the war in Ukraine or a billionaire’s trip to space but climate reporting is changing to meet the…

The conservative Christian right in response to The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Dan Foster observed something troubling from the conservative Christian right in response to The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Opinionated Truth

Originally posted on Amitav Chowdhury:
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -Marcus Aurelius When there are immense possibilities much beyond our ability to comprehend the truth of this existence, there are also greater chances of being mislead with false perceptions that have been…

Point 93: Putin spins like a viper in a frying pan

Originally posted on Levkiv@Info:
Russian President Vladimir Putin held several meetings over the weekend (July 2-3, 2022) in different compositions and formats. The tense situation with protests in Uzbekistan was the agenda for Putin this weekend. Thus, during meetings on events in Uzbekistan, Putin and his comrades discussed the possibility of Uzbek President Shavkat…

Point 92: Terrorist Putin will increase the escalation

Originally posted on Levkiv@Info:
Last week, Kremlin terrorist Putin held talks with Alexander Lukashenko, the illegitimate president of Belarus. The negotiations did not proceed as smoothly and in such a friendly atmosphere as it might seem. There was even a moment when Putin wanted to poop in his portable case (suitcase) and, having interrupted…

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #2

Many people their experience of religion is simply a quest for social order, group cohesion, and personal belonging,

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #1

In many American churches, evangelists preach about burning in hell and make people afraid that if they don’t give enough to God (read church) they will suffer, while otherwise happiness will smile on them.

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