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Holidays: Inherent Joy vs. Circumstances

Originally posted on Jewish Young Professional:
Background: Happy Chanukah? Chanukah is arguably one of the easiest Jewish holidays to enjoy – no Yom Tov obligations, barely any religious obligations at all, and a great excuse to eat fried food. Religious Jews and secular Jews love it. (Which is ironic because it’s about a war between…

“Let My People Go, that they may serve me!”: The Passover & The Exodus.

Pesach or ‘The Passover’: Pesach, usually called ‘The Passover‘ in English, is the greatest of the Jewish festivals, the holiday of the year and the oldest in the Jewish calendar. Like the Christian Easter, which partly originates from it, it varies in date from year to year, but occurs in spring and lasts for sevenContinue reading ““Let My People Go, that they may serve me!”: The Passover & The Exodus.”

December a joyful time for many

It’s December, which means the holidays are upon us — but how do educators best address them in the classroom?

Observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal

Before Jesus went to the Olive Garden where he would be taken prisoner by the Roman soldiers, Jesus had come together with his disciples in an upper room somewhere in Jerusalem, the city of David. The son of man, born in Bethlehem and brought up in Nazareth, had come to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover withContinue reading “Observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal”

Catholics facing a totally different Holy Week

For Pope Francis at the Vatican, and for Catholics worldwide from churches large and small, this will be an Easter like none other, like for real Christians this week shall be one of isolation whilst otherwise so busy with meeting and sharing the Good News. The joyous message of Christ’s resurrection will be delivered toContinue reading “Catholics facing a totally different Holy Week”

Celebrations pointing to events of ultimate meaning

Although other holidays sometimes get more attention, Passover and Easter/Pascha are truly the most important times of remembrance and reflection in the corresponding Jewish and Christian faiths. These celebrations point to events of ultimate meaning and call for observers not only to reflect but to prepare. The name “Easter” is not biblical, so we betterContinue reading “Celebrations pointing to events of ultimate meaning”

Eostre, Easter, White god, chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and metaphorical resurrection

Christians should think about the festivities and actions taking place on Easter Sunday and wonder what coloured and chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

High Holidays not only for Israel

In Deliverance and establishement of a theocracy we saw that the Creator God provided twice in history a Passover lamb. Map of the Land of Israel as defined in Numbers 34 and Ezekiel 47 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In coming together next Tuesday 26 March we bring glory to God and show how thankful we areContinue reading “High Holidays not only for Israel”