Presenting views from different sources

To give an overview of what appears in the international press and what may be important points that deserve our attention, a lot of work needs to be done, and the question can be asked whether enough readers are interested in it.

The intention of this site was to provide a free overview of interesting events and to present a variety of different news articles. But due to the very low interest in these overview articles of newspaper reports, I doubt whether it is still useful to spend so much time on it.

Don’t Just Log Out. Deactivate Facebook

Originally posted on Steve Dustcircle: Okay, so I did it. It wasn’t as hard for me as it is for others, but I snipped it. I cut it. I pulled the plug. I broke up with Mark Zuckerberg. Some friends might have known that I was toying with the idea for awhile, but…

Bible NFC (miniature) + DC

La Bible Nouvelle Français courant, une révision minutieuse de la très populaire Bible en français courant, traduite et révisée par près d’une soixantaine de spécialistes reconnus venant d’horizons différents, une version intégrale et fidèle, qui traduit avec rigueur et respect tous les textes originaux, dans un langage clair, fluide et contemporain.

La Bible manuscrite

La manuscrite imprimée rassemble en 2 volumes, l’intégralité du livre des Psaumes et du Nouveau Testament, copiée par plus de 500 participants, de tout âge, de toutes les confessions chrétiennes, et de toute la francophonie, durant la période du confinement / déconfinement de 2020.

Identifying Journalism

Originally posted on The News: Journalism or Gossip:
Journalism as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.” A journalist is someone that writes and publishes articles at fall under Merriam-Websters definition of journalism. These articles are are constructed based on…

Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church

Speaking into current #MeToo and #ChurchToo conversations, Mrs. Langberg’s book “Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church” shows that the body of Christ desperately needs to understand the forms power takes, how it is abused, and how to respond to abuses of power.

Trying out Bloglovin’

Bloglovin is a design-focused platform that promises to aggregate feeds from sources with RSS feeds, allowing users to discover and organise content. It promises its members the possibility to discover new content and to share our own blog posts. Right after creating an account, I had to need to claim my blog, I wanted to beContinue reading “Trying out Bloglovin’”

Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting

Several years ago Marcus Ampe launched “Our World” on Blogspot, to present and discuss matters concerning the planet we live on. The Blogspot site now became transferred to here at WordPress (under a new title), but the intentions did not change. At “Some View on the world” we want to present civic as well asContinue reading “Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting”

Written-down thoughts

Throughout the ages, several people found it interesting to write down their thoughts, but also to write down what happened throughout the day. With discrete entries today, still several people arrange by date reports on what has happened over the course of a day or other period, or of what they thought. Such diaries mightContinue reading “Written-down thoughts”

Posted 4 105 articles so far – too many to keyword them now

On the former “Our World“, which has been in existence for several years, posts have accumulated over time. Today, as a result, 4 105 articles are listed as published. Somehow, it appears that another 139 are in the queue as “drafts”. You can imagine that it is almost an impossible task to label all thoseContinue reading “Posted 4 105 articles so far – too many to keyword them now”

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