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If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.

If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.   Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in yesterday’s presidential runoff in Turkey is the latest evidence of its staying power. He extended his 20-year rule despite a cost-of-living crisis, a slumping currency and public anger over the bungled relief effort following February’sContinue reading “If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.”

Policing and provoking violence: the French state’s gamble

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:
NICK WRIGHT, writing in the Morning Star, argues that the deliberate escalation of confrontations on the streets to turn the public against the movement may be in the process of backfiring — while the British system is far too wise to risk it MASSIVE demonstrations, widespread strikes, violent clashes with the…

Emmanuel Macron’s plans with China and China’s growing military and technological power

China is already ahead in the field of hypersonic weapons and Beijing has a rapid development of biotechnology that could be applied to biological and chemical weapons.

The Telegraph Frontpage of Monday April 10

GP surgeries are suspending routine appointments for up to a week as they try to deal with the “most disruptive” NHS strike ever by junior doctors. Plus: Your complete guide to the Coronation. Headlines: This morning’s essential news GPs | Routine services scrapped to cope with junior doctors’ strike SNP | ‘Raging’ Sturgeon ‘told membersContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage of Monday April 10”

Macron plays nice with China – with a warning to Germany

The French president is playing nice with Xi Jinping during his state visit to China Credit: LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP Macron plays nice with China – with a warning to Germany By James Crisp EUROPE EDITOR How best to handle China continues to divide the Conservative Party in Brexit Britain. In the EU, they are trying theContinue reading “Macron plays nice with China – with a warning to Germany”

Begin April 2023 Russia and Kremlin actions

The First World War tactic helping Kyiv Germany rules out any further weapons deliveries to Ukraine Woman ‘confesses’ to delivering bomb to slain Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky The woman suspected of assassinating a Kremlin propagandist has apparently confessed to delivering a bomb hidden inside a statuette, as her husband claimed the 26-year-old was “set up”Continue reading “Begin April 2023 Russia and Kremlin actions”

Anarchy in Marseille as Macron protests turn violent

Presumably, Macron‘s government has killed itself, even though, early this week, it survived two confidence votes. Carnival celebrations in Marseille descended into violence on the night of March 19, in protest against Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular pension reforms. What began as a family-friendly event quickly degenerated into anarchy when 300 people started a bonfire in theContinue reading “Anarchy in Marseille as Macron protests turn violent”

What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17

By Matthew Robinson Labour is preparing for a tax raid on up to two million pension pots with a plan to reverse the Chancellor’s decision to scrap the lifetime contributions cap. And Nicola Sturgeon has denied that the SNP is in crisis after it was revealed that more than 40 per cent of the party’sContinue reading “What The Telegraph brought in the news on Friday 2023 March 17”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 March 16

By Matthew Robinson The Bank of England is in emergency talks with international counterparts as the crisis deepens at Credit Suisse. And Gary Lineker believed he had a “special arrangement” with the BBC, his agent has claimed in the wake of the impartiality row. Crisis at Credit Suisse casts shadow over Budget One of Europe’sContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 March 16”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2023 March 10

By Sam Hall Good evening. Rishi Sunak said cooperation between the UK and France on tackling the small boats crisis is now at an “unprecedented level”, after agreeing a £500 million deal with Emmanuel Macron. We also have the latest as the BBC told Gary Lineker to “step back” from presenting Match of the Day.Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2023 March 10”