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The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 21

By Sam Hall On his first trip to Kyiv since the war began, Joe Biden hit out at Vladimir Putin and pledged more military funding for Ukraine. Joe Biden makes his first trip to Ukraine About this time last year, Vladimir Putin would have been planning his own trip to Kyiv to celebrate the successesContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage 2023 February 21”

Bloomberg main messages for 11-17 July 2022

July 11 In the end, the anger on the streets of Sri Lanka finally breached the security, tear gas and rubber bullets that had helped President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to hold on to power. The defining images that surrounded his resignation this weekend were of people jumping into the presidential pool, rifling through medicine cabinets, and helpingContinue reading “Bloomberg main messages for 11-17 July 2022”

The Guardian’s view on the world 3rd week of May 2022

The war went on in Ukraine but a first war criminal was convicted, whilst the world faced higher costs of living and the partygate scandal in the UK continued shamelessly.

Een niet te winnen oorlog

De Man van het Noorden die graag zijn rijk wenst uit te breiden dacht binnen drie dagen Oekraïne te kunnen inlijven. Tot zijn grote frustratie is dit echter niet gelukt. Ook al zijn de Russische troepen tot in het centrum van Marioepol geraakt, kunnen de Russen toch niet zeggen dat zij die stad hebben kunnenContinue reading “Een niet te winnen oorlog”

Interference in internal affairs

Russia keeps saying it does not want to start a war, but has enough troops in place to seize Kyiv or another Ukrainian city though not yet sufficient numbers for a full takeover and occupation of the country.

Russia not wanting it neighbours countries to cooperate with the West

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the tensions around the Ukrainian border did not stop. These days the West could see army movement which strained already tense relations between Russia and the US.

Washington has given its backing to opposition forces in Myanmar

Following a virtual meeting with representatives from the Myanmar’s shadow government on Monday, the U.S.A. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, reiterated the US government’s support for the “pro-democracy movement” in Myanmar, whole condemning “the military’s brutal violence.” Mr Sullivan also said that the US would press for the release of Kyaw Min Yu, who shotContinue reading “Washington has given its backing to opposition forces in Myanmar”