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“Three decades with lack of political support” says environmental specialist with UK’s climate change pressures build

Originally posted on Eat, Sleep, Publish:
With COP27 – the annual United Nations climate change conference – completed, author and climate change expert, Claudia Carter has claimed that the ecological and climatic ‘tipping points’ seems to be closer than ever but a lack of action by politicians has caused ‘higher risks’ for the UK. Climate…

The Week of 2022 September 26 – October 02

September 2022 coming to an end with severe storms.

Startup’s Hydrogen Breakthrough May Give New Life to Coal Plants

A catalyst that can turn hydrogen and oxygen into superheated steam capable of driving a power-station turbine.

The New York Times looking at the world in 2022 for the last days of July

If you missed it previously July 19 A police officer gave water to a British soldier guarding Buckingham Palace yesterday.Matt Dunham/Associated Press Britain sizzles under a heat wave Temperatures in Britain neared a record high yesterday as blistering heat swept the country. By midafternoon, Wales had recorded its highest-ever temperature: The thermometer hit 37.1 degreesContinue reading “The New York Times looking at the world in 2022 for the last days of July”

Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events

 July 20, 2022 Hey everyone. Welcome back to the Climate Warrior newsletter.   In the past month, we’ve seen a lot of climate disasters. Part of the Alps has crumbled, Bangladesh has faced the “worst floods in memory,” and now record-breaking heatwaves with temperatures climbing over 40 degrees Celsius in North Africa, Southwest Asia (orContinue reading “Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events”

Bloomberg main messages for 04-10 July 2022

July 05 Energy shortfalls were always part of the equation in the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But few were prepared for gas becoming a second front in President Vladimir Putin’s wider conflict with the US and its allies. In less than five months of war, Moscow has retaliated against successive waves of internationalContinue reading “Bloomberg main messages for 04-10 July 2022”

Bloomberg’s view on the world for the fourth week of June 2022

June 27 G-7 Latest: Oil-Price Cap in Focus as Zelenskiy Addresses Summit Dazzling Mountain Views Can’t Hide Darker Mood Among G-7 Leaders US Resuscitates Bid at G-7 to Counter China’s Belt and Road Ban on New Gold Imports From Russia Seen as ‘Largely Symbolic’ Follow our latest coverage of the G-7 summit here. Russia defaultsContinue reading “Bloomberg’s view on the world for the fourth week of June 2022”

The Guardian’s view on the world 2nd week of May 2022

2022 May 7-14 Guardian’s view

Are we shambling into WWIII?

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World War I started with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand by Serbian extremists. This shows that even in the beginning of the 20th century the world was so interconnected that an assassination in Bosnia could lead to a world war. Of course this happened because there was great tension…

Safeguarding freedom of expression

Each individual has their own potential to think about matters and to express himself or herself to make sure that everywhere everybody shall be able to receive all human rights. The Norwegian Nobel Committee described Filipino American journalist Maria Ressa and Russian editor Dmitry Muratov as “representatives of all journalists who stand up for thisContinue reading “Safeguarding freedom of expression”