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Chris Evans comments for 2023 May 29

Dear Reader, Inflation remains rampant in Britain at 8.7pc, still in excess of forecasts – leading many to question whether the Bank of England has the credibility to contain the situation. Szu Ping Chan and Melissa Lawford investigate just how high interest rates will need to rise to tame inflation, and just how devastating theContinue reading “Chris Evans comments for 2023 May 29”

Climate Hero – Christiana Figueres

The Costa Rican diplomat who oversaw the Paris agreement deserves the award many times over, but this week’s warning about a potentially calamitous Cop28 deserves special recognition. Figueres said the UAE, who are hosting the summit in Dubai, are playing a “very dangerous” game that threatens the survival of vulnerable nations. The meeting is beingContinue reading “Climate Hero – Christiana Figueres”

The days of making billions with misleading ‘climate-friendly’ products may be over

Patrick Greenfield The era of vague environmental claims is over, advertising executives declared this week, as the marketing meets the science. Terms like environmentally friendly, nature positive and carbon negative are facing scrutiny from regulators in London and Brussels, with offsetting the subject of special attention. “Misleading environmental claims are under the microscope from advertisingContinue reading “The days of making billions with misleading ‘climate-friendly’ products may be over”

“Get Involved: Three Ways to Make Difference in Your Community”

Originally posted on BIGCREED:
What do you do to be involved in the community? Being an active member of your community can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. There are endless opportunities to get involved and make a positive impact. Here are three ideas to help you get started. Volunteer at a local organization: Volunteering…

Wishing to improve our community

Hoping more people shall come along to read but also comment on the articles, to inspire more people to call for the protection of mother earth, and on the other hand also to spread the message of peace and of the Good News of the coming paradise.

Human composting

Human composting was invented by Katrina Spade, who came up with the idea while researching the funeral industry as an architecture graduate student.

The hell of John Lewis’s department stores and Keeping fit

Dear Reader, From the start of Dame Sharon White’s reign at John Lewis, there have been questions about her ability to revamp the company. Now, with staff denied their annual bonus and losses reaching a staggering £234 million this year, the brand’s future is in jeopardy. Anne McElvoy and Matt Oliver take a closer lookContinue reading “The hell of John Lewis’s department stores and Keeping fit”

The Turkey- Syria 2023 earthquakes’ impact on Syria

For some time it has been quite in the European press about Syria. There in the north people still face a horrible time, being hit not only by the civil war, but also hit by the deadliest earthquake in present-day Syria since the 1822 Aleppo earthquake; the deadliest worldwide since the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the fifth-deadliest of the 21st century.

Time for Turkish people to think about their leader

Incomprehensible it may also be called that from here also votes in favour of that man who in his own country allows the people without shelter and adequate food to starve in all weathers after the past major earthquakes.

The Telegraph Frontpage for 2023 May 04

By Daniel Hardaker  & By Sam Hall   An American pharmaceutical company has claimed to have developed the ‘best ever’ treatment for Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, Russian nationalists demand revenge for the attempt on Putin’s life at the Kremlin. ‘Best ever’ Alzheimer’s drug can slow disease by a third US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly announced yesterday thatContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for 2023 May 04”