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‘Hypocrite’ Keir Starmer to avoid tax on pension

Previously in the news The lifetime cap on pension savings will be abolished from April 2024, under Conservative reforms designed to encourage more over-50s to return to the workforce. The overhaul was announced in the Budget on Wednesday March 15. It means savers can contribute to their pension – and benefit from government tax reliefContinue reading “‘Hypocrite’ Keir Starmer to avoid tax on pension”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 March 15

Jeremy Hunt has been warned that a planned rise in corporation tax will have a “chilling effect” on the economy ahead of the Budget. By Sam Hall & Matthew Robinson Good evening. Jeremy Hunt has delivered his first Budget as Chancellor, after revealing sweeping tax rises and spending cuts last year. Scroll down to discoverContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Wednesday 2023 March 15”

In the news this morning 2023 March 07

In the news this morning Politics | Sue Gray may have breached four sets of Civil Service rules, a minister said yesterday, as Sir Keir Starmer repeatedly refused to reveal exactly when he invited the senior civil servant to be his chief of staff. Jeremy Quin, the Paymaster General, said Ms Gray’s planned move toContinue reading “In the news this morning 2023 March 07”

The Telegraph for the sabbath of 2023 February 24-25

On February 24, 1582 the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. In what year was it adopted in Britain – supposedly resulting in public uproar over 11 lost days? (See at the bottom for the Trivia answer.) World news: Bird flu kills school girl in Cambodia Scientists testing a dozen people for avianContinue reading “The Telegraph for the sabbath of 2023 February 24-25”

Despite centrist stitch-ups, the left struggles on in Labour

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:
We must salute those who decide to ‘stay and fight’ — but what we can reasonably expect to win now after three years of Keir Starmer’s onslaught is much reduced, says NICK WRIGHT writing in the Morning Star ABOVE: THE SPIRIT REMAINS: Jeremy Corbyn with members of the NEU at rally,…

Chopper’s Westminster Whispers for 2023 February 20

Penny’s Tory associations tour raises eyebrows There was an eyebrow-raising admission at the end of Penny Mordaunt’s interview on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show. “I’ve just finished a tour in the West Country and I’ve been visiting businesses and all sorts of community groups, but I’ve also been visiting our activists and ourContinue reading “Chopper’s Westminster Whispers for 2023 February 20”

France ‘concerned’ about Britain’s Armed Forces & Kyiv warned against retaking Crimea

French officials have raised concerns over the state of the British Armed Forces. The Telegraph understands that officials in Paris claimed that budget cuts to the UK’s military were causing alarm among Nato members. A leading French MP said that there were concerns in his country that Britain had given weapons to Ukraine from itsContinue reading “France ‘concerned’ about Britain’s Armed Forces & Kyiv warned against retaking Crimea”

The Telegraph Frontline for Friday 2023 February 03

By Danny Boyle After the Bank cast doubt on the Government’s ability to drive people back to work, the Chancellor is under pressure to do more. Also this morning, we reveal how energy firms are hoarding cash – and Rupert Everett claims to know Prince Harry’s virginity secret. Energy firms’ cash pile balloons to £9billionContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontline for Friday 2023 February 03”

The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 February 02

By Danny Boyle Good morning. Despite more than half of schools being impacted by strike action, support from teachers appeared not to be as significant as feared. Also today, we cover a diversity crisis in the RAF – and today’s expected rate rise by the Bank of England. RAF diversity ‘discriminated against 160 white men’Continue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursday 2023 February 02”

The Frontpage of The Telegraph for Tuesday 2023 January 31

Looking at the UK which the IMF downgraded its 2023 UK growth forecast by more than any other G7 nation, blaming the prospect of a deeper recession on “tighter fiscal and monetary policies”.