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It’s Time To Reveal

Originally posted on Real….Raw… UNMASKED:
Hi!  My name is Kelly and I wear a mask. Yes, a mask.  “Well, don’t we all” might say. I prided myself in being me but in reality I was trying to be the person I was expected to be. I used to help women find what their…

Living and Loving Faithfully

A Response to the Church of England’s Document and Discourse on Sexuality, Marriage and Gender. New Testament Marriage, Blessings & Covenants: This year, in England and Wales at least, the ‘Gay Marriage‘ controversy has been hitting the headlines again, especially in recent weeks, with the Church in Wales performing its first service of blessing for aContinue reading “Living and Loving Faithfully”

Pastoral discipline and dissent from papal teaching

Controversial Pope + Catholics attacking their own so called infallible pope continued Normally the Roman Catholic Church requires assent to all her teaching, whether that teaching comes from the universal episcopate of all the bishops or from the head of the bishops, the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. With regard to papal teaching, the CatholicsContinue reading “Pastoral discipline and dissent from papal teaching”

The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews

Although current debates on multiculturalism in Europe often focus on Islam and Muslims, there also are long-standing Jewish communities in many Western European countries. The Pew Research Center survey finds Christians at all levels of religious observance are more likely than religiously unaffiliated adults to say they would not be willing to accept Jews inContinue reading “The focus of multiculturalism in Europe on Muslims and Jews”

Youngsters, parents and the search to root in life

During the two years Pope Francis has led the Roman Catholic Church, many of the older bishops perhaps may wonder if they did not vote for the wrong one, because this pope has too much eye for the people and is perhaps too progressive again or again a copy of pope John XXIII. For theContinue reading “Youngsters, parents and the search to root in life”

Same sex relationships and Open attitude mirroring Jesus

In Hiding or opening attitude for same sex relationships we pointed out that it perhaps would be better that people questioned themselves which attitude Jesus would take, before they judge somebody. Director of Oasis Trust, Steve Chalke believes about our attitude to people who have another feeling for giving their love to somebody are changing,Continue reading “Same sex relationships and Open attitude mirroring Jesus”

Being religious has benefits even in this life

Kenneth Gilmore 27 augustus 14:37 We’ve heard the claim ‘religion poisons everything’ ad nauseum. Turns out that being religious has benefits even in this life. Via David Bailey at Science Meets Religion: A 1999 study, which involved a nine-year follow-up analysis of 21,000 American adults, found that religious attendance of at least once per weekContinue reading “Being religious has benefits even in this life”

Christadelphian Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren, an Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren (brothers and sisters in Christ) who are seeking helpmates \”in the Lord.\” , went \”live\” earlier this year and ministers to unmarried Christadelphians worldwide. It is a resource for single brothers and sisters over the age of 24 who may be interested in meeting other Christadelphians. InContinue reading “Christadelphian Introduction Service for unmarried Christadelphian brethren”