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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is spreading to Russian territory

Whether or not Ukraine is behind the recent attacks on Russian soil, it will not change the fact that the war is now starting to spread to both states.

Wishing to improve our community

Hoping more people shall come along to read but also comment on the articles, to inspire more people to call for the protection of mother earth, and on the other hand also to spread the message of peace and of the Good News of the coming paradise.

After the earthquake the Arab League agreed to reinstate Syria

Nothing has changed since Syria was forced out of the Arab League, but now Syria is readmitted to the Arab League again.

Talks about freedom, righteousness, impurity and exclusion from the kingdom

We are saved by the ransom offering of Christ Jesus, but to be able to get full salvation and entrance in the kingdom of God we shall need to have the right attitude to be found righteous.

The Turkey- Syria 2023 earthquakes’ impact on Syria

For some time it has been quite in the European press about Syria. There in the north people still face a horrible time, being hit not only by the civil war, but also hit by the deadliest earthquake in present-day Syria since the 1822 Aleppo earthquake; the deadliest worldwide since the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the fifth-deadliest of the 21st century.

Time for Turkish people to think about their leader

Incomprehensible it may also be called that from here also votes in favour of that man who in his own country allows the people without shelter and adequate food to starve in all weathers after the past major earthquakes.

Abuse in churches never far away

It has been a while since we heard of any scandals about events in the church. But in the evangelical community, there is now stirring in the pot of Summer Soul Survivor events with Rev Canon Pilavachi as the abuser.

Turning a blind eye for Syria

Many expect to see the start — if not full return — of Syria’s membership to the Arab League

An easily forgotten or neglected subject

Even if it may not always be so obvious, or open and bare on the table, the issues I like to raise are almost all related to human, animal and plant rights.

Een gemakkelijk vergeten of verwaarloosd onderwerp

Ook al mag het niet altijd zo klaar zijn, of open en bloot op tafel liggen, zijn de onderwerpen die ik graag wil aankaarten bijna allemaal in verband te brengen met de rechten van mens, dier en plant.