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Zorgpersoneel laat haar (nood)stem horen

Het zorgpersoneel kwam op de laatste dag van januari 2023 de straat op om de regering te laten weten dat zij zo niet meer voort kunnen om de juiste goede zorg voor de mensen te kunnen bezorgen.

New term names at London School of Economics

The names Michaelmas term, the Christmas break, Lent term, Easter break, seem to come to an end when more schools shall come to follow the London School of Economics.

Russians shunned and made silent

Over a few days, we have to face that it was one year ago that Russia did what it said never to do. For months, the Russian government told the citizens of the federation it was going to liberate the Ukrainians of Neo-Nazis and corrupt leaders. As the months of 2022 wore on, and itContinue reading “Russians shunned and made silent”

At the borders of the EU, Fighting a war against Russia

Even though Belgium will not provide tanks and F-16s it will provide anti-aircraft guns and trucks. Without cargo vehicles to supply the necessary equipment, an army with many tanks cannot do much either, so in that respect Belgium does benefit Ukraine.

The forgotten Syria

With the war in Ukraine, it looks like the press has no attention any more to another country, located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia, where Russia also provided a lot of atrocities. Syria has become oblivious. In 1970 Syria came under the authoritarian rule of Alawite Pres. Hafez al-Assad,Continue reading “The forgotten Syria”

Recht op een toegankelijke huisarts dicht in eigen buurt

In meerdere plaatsen komen er tekorten aan zorgpersoneel (artsen en verpleegkundigen). Gemeenten en steden moeten daar hun verantwoordelijkheid nemen om er voor te zorgen dat elke inwoner in eigen buurt terecht zal kunnen voor verpleging.

Europe sucked into a war against Russia

Ukraines war against Russia has developed during the previous months such that the contributions made by other countries in defence of Ukraine ended up involving all of Eorpa in this war.

Gay people in the Church of England

The Church of England still dares not see its true face and be open to people who feel different from the majority.

Zorg is mensenwerk, geen bandwerk

In de zorgsector is de werkdruk veel te hoog en is het menselijk aspect meestal opzij geschoven door het administratief veel tijd opslorpende werk.

Westminster has dragged trans people into its attack on Scotland’s powers

Resentment among party members concerns the approval or disapproval of the gender recognition reform act.