Trying out Bloglovin’

Bloglovin is a design-focused platform that promises to aggregate feeds from sources with RSS feeds, allowing users to discover and organise content. It promises its members the possibility to discover new content and to share our own blog posts. Right after creating an account, I had to need to claim my blog, I wanted to beContinue reading “Trying out Bloglovin’”

Hippies, a president, a damaged ozone layer and knights

North Dakota In July 2021 the Knights of the Climate Covenant have cleared the first hurdle in becoming a non-profit environmental organisation. From then onwards they are certified as a non-profit corporation in North Dakota. But it is not just an organisation for North Dakotans. They continue to strive to be recognised as a nonprofitContinue reading “Hippies, a president, a damaged ozone layer and knights”

Support Climate Legislation

Originally posted on Pearls of Green Wisdom:
Link to automatically e-mail your representatives: As seen on Instagram @Environmentalist_Mama The climate crisis is too big to tackle alone. We need our governments to act. Right now, there’s legislation in the US Congress that could allow the US to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement.…

Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting

Several years ago Marcus Ampe launched “Our World” on Blogspot, to present and discuss matters concerning the planet we live on. The Blogspot site now became transferred to here at WordPress (under a new title), but the intentions did not change. At “Some View on the world” we want to present civic as well asContinue reading “Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting”

Written-down thoughts

Throughout the ages, several people found it interesting to write down their thoughts, but also to write down what happened throughout the day. With discrete entries today, still several people arrange by date reports on what has happened over the course of a day or other period, or of what they thought. Such diaries mightContinue reading “Written-down thoughts”

Posted 4 105 articles so far – too many to keyword them now

On the former “Our World“, which has been in existence for several years, posts have accumulated over time. Today, as a result, 4 105 articles are listed as published. Somehow, it appears that another 139 are in the queue as “drafts”. You can imagine that it is almost an impossible task to label all thoseContinue reading “Posted 4 105 articles so far – too many to keyword them now”

Our World included in View on the world

Because the Blogger site “Our World” (previously Christadelphian world” until 2014) was seemingly very slow to load in several browsers, I tried all sorts of remedies to get it back as old, showing up quickly, but nothing seemed to work. For that reason wanted to find out how it would shop up in WordPress. IContinue reading “Our World included in View on the world”

Our World on Blogger coming to its end

Since a few months, there seem to be problems with Blogger, making it not practical to open articles via tags. Also opening the home page takes on several browsers too much time. Even reducing the home page to only 5 articles did not bring a solution. From 2021 September 25 I shall provide the articlesContinue reading “Our World on Blogger coming to its end”

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