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Journalism under attack

The 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos emphasised that everyone can take action to promote quality journalism and media freedom.

The Telegraph’s view 2022 March 21-27

From March 21-27 mostly Ukraine got all the attention.

Russia is planning an “invasion of Ukraine”!

Originally posted on a-bigger-bang:
An essay by Sabiene Jahn 14 Febr 2022 It is January 2022 and again we hear a lie on the public radio, namely that Russia is planning an “invasion of Ukraine! Propaganda is a problem in the West, even well-informed people hardly notice it, as I probably did more than…

Bepaalde Naties spelen een erg gevaarlijk pokerspel

Bepaalde landen zijn nooit vies geweest van het voeren van propaganda waarbij zijn het proberen om burgers te beïnvloeden zodat zij die mensen kunnen over halen hun opzet of aanval tegen anderen goed te keuren. Meermaals is zo de techniek van de “Valse Vlag” toegepast.

Russia not wanting it neighbours countries to cooperate with the West

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the tensions around the Ukrainian border did not stop. These days the West could see army movement which strained already tense relations between Russia and the US.

Social Media and Truth

+ Preceding Written-down thoughts Study Guide: Definition of Journalism Identifying Journalism Fact-Checking: Information Today Safeguarding freedom of expression Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting News that’s fit to print The End of Journalism Post-Truth, Revisited Jacob Robinson Photo by Oleg Magni on Unsplash I’ve talked a lot on the blog before about the futureContinue reading “Social Media and Truth”

Bad experience as young teenager with the YPA book and those leaving the religion

Jeni Lundblom looks at her bad experience as a young teenager going through her teenage years having all that literature which did not seem to help really, perhaps it was also presented with a collection of often foolish advice that offered her no real support. For her some of the topics she encountered were embarrassing,Continue reading “Bad experience as young teenager with the YPA book and those leaving the religion”