Emmanuel Macron falters as Melenchon rises

Originally posted on 21centurymanifesto:
For the first time in decades, France’s president will not command a National Assembly majority — and the left-wing Nupes now makes up the second-largest bloc. But what next for this deeply divided progressive alliance, asks NICK WRIGHT writing in the Morning Star newspaper THE Sunday night takeaway from the French…

Global Headlines looked at the beginning of June 2022 by Bloomberg

3 June 2022 Gun plea | Biden called for a ban on sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, pleading with Congress to toughen laws following a spate of mass shootings. Still, he acknowledged that Congress is unlikely to restrict them, with Republican lawmakers, who can block the passage of bills in the Senate, vowingContinue reading “Global Headlines looked at the beginning of June 2022 by Bloomberg”

Bloomberg’s view on Ukraine at the beginning of June 2022

Since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, he has caused immense death and destruction for few military gains and at huge economic cost. Yet he shows no sign of cracking even as Russia’s war aims have proved illusory. Putin appealed to Ukraine’s army to “immediately lay down arms and go home” on the first day ofContinue reading “Bloomberg’s view on Ukraine at the beginning of June 2022”

Many of the luxury resorts of the Mediterranean or Caribbean taboo for sanctioned individuals

International penalties imposed after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine mean that many of the luxury resorts of the Mediterranean or Caribbean are taboo for sanctioned individuals, and their assets.

Greg Evans from the Independent presenting the 2022 June 15 Indy100 newsletter.

‘Detached’ Trump and ‘drunk’ Giuliani: The wildest moments from the Jan 6th hearings Welcome back to the indy100 newsletter. We don’t get to talk about Donald Trump much these days, which is probably a good thing, but the controversial ex-president is back in the news in a big way. U.S. House Select Committee to InvestigateContinue reading “Greg Evans from the Independent presenting the 2022 June 15 Indy100 newsletter.”

The Independent looking at June 09 – June 15

Dear reader,   Take a few moments to get up to speed on all the latest news from around the globe with our selection of Independent Premium’s top stories. Your weekly round-up 13-year-old refugee girl ‘sent back to Ukraine after Home Office refused visa’ ‘I won’t apologise’: Angela Merkel defends relationship with Putin Starmer’s cunningContinue reading “The Independent looking at June 09 – June 15”

The Independent’s Big Question for 9 Jun 2022: Will the climate crisis place coastal Britain at risk?

The climate emergency will inevitably mean some of the UK’s coastal communities will have to relocate elsewhere, according to Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency.

Indy 2022 June 08 Platinum Jubilee of the Queen, princes, boos and boobs

Boris Johnson survives confidence vote after the boos at the Platty Joobs

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