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The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursay 2023 June 01

By Daniel Hardaker An increasingly vocal cohort of Conservative MPs are urging the Prime Minister to scrap inheritance tax, a move that The Telegraph is supporting. Meanwhile, two people have died and a man has been arrested following an incident off Bournemouth pier. By Sam Hall Good evening. A man has been arrested on suspicionContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for Thursay 2023 June 01”

If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.

If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.   Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in yesterday’s presidential runoff in Turkey is the latest evidence of its staying power. He extended his 20-year rule despite a cost-of-living crisis, a slumping currency and public anger over the bungled relief effort following February’sContinue reading “If you thought the electoral appeal of populism was on the wane, think again.”

World awaits the draft of a UN treaty on plastic

Negotiators expect to have a draft at the end of this round of talks after agreeing last December to develop a legally binding deal on plastic pollution by 2024.

Chris Evans comments for 2023 May 29

Dear Reader, Inflation remains rampant in Britain at 8.7pc, still in excess of forecasts – leading many to question whether the Bank of England has the credibility to contain the situation. Szu Ping Chan and Melissa Lawford investigate just how high interest rates will need to rise to tame inflation, and just how devastating theContinue reading “Chris Evans comments for 2023 May 29”

The Telegraph for Monday 2023 May 29

Rishi Sunak has been warned off his plan for price caps on staples like bread and milk. You can also read the latest on the fallout from Phillip Schofield‘s departure from This Morning, and our critic’s thoughts on the final episode of Succession. Price caps will create food shortages, Rishi Sunak warned Ministers and supermarketsContinue reading “The Telegraph for Monday 2023 May 29”

The Telegraph Frontpage for the Pentecost weekend of May 2023

Jeremy Hunt has said he is comfortable with Britain falling into a recession if it is necessary to defeat inflation, days after the IMF said Britain would avoid a downturn. Jeremy Hunt will accept a recession if it brings down inflation The Chancellor said he would back the Bank of England in raising interest ratesContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for the Pentecost weekend of May 2023”

Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg making a call

Dear friends, Please, pray for Israel as its facing both a wave of terrorism and internal disagreements having to do with justice and law in the country. During this Shavuot (Pentecost) we are reminded of God’s goodness in giving both the ten commandments and the gift of the Holy Spirit! In His Firm Grip, Dr.Continue reading “Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg making a call”

The New York Times looking at the 4th week of May 2023

Gail Collins and Bret Stephens The Republican Presidential Plot Is Thickening Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis are on the near horizon. Ezra Klein Liberals Are Persuading Themselves of a Debt Ceiling Plan That Won’t Work The limit Congress imposes is dumb, but Biden can’t just wave it away. Andrew Tate Thought He Was Above theContinue reading “The New York Times looking at the 4th week of May 2023”

The first Bulgarian novel to win the International Booker Prize,

A nostalgic satire about Alzheimer’s disease, written by Bulgarian writer, poet and playwright, Georgi Gospodinov, first Bulgarian novel to win the International Booker Prize