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Dire global warming impacts distract from even more dire warnings

By Eric Roston Extreme weather continues to swell like US coastlines during high tide. And with it comes the realization that the climate changes we were warned about are already here. For decades the core question in the public debate over global warming was: Will all these scientific projections come true? Now, Britain has hadContinue reading “Dire global warming impacts distract from even more dire warnings”

Composted Reads for 17 November

Draft Cop27 agreement fails to call for ‘phase-down’ of all fossil fuels

What was at stake in Sharm El-Sheikh

Whilst the cost of inaction is far, far greater than the cost of inaction for many countries, it was difficult to come to an agreement to contribute to a fund helping those countries most affected by pollution from the industrial and most polluting countries.

Ban Ki-moon called for ramping up adaptation measures to climate disasters happening around the world

In the first week of September, Louise Boyle spoke with Ban Ki-moon, former secretary general of the United Nations, about the worsening impacts of the climate crisis and upcoming climate summit, Cop27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Bloomberg looking at the 4th week of August 2022

August 22 Ukraine is showing off wrecked Russian tanks in Kyiv for this year’s Independence Day celebrations. It’s not the military display President Vladimir Putin had in mind when he launched Russia’s invasion. The war that Russia — and some of Ukraine’s allies — expected to end in days with a victory parade for PutinContinue reading “Bloomberg looking at the 4th week of August 2022”

Nimo Omer, assistant editor of First Edition, for you

Good morning. Nimo Omer here, assistant editor of First Edition. If you’re (understandably) very worried about the climate crisis, following the heatwaves sweeping the UK and much of Europe, then here’s a piece that might give you the little bit of optimism you need: Neelam Tailor spoke to the Gen-Zers who think that actually, thingsContinue reading “Nimo Omer, assistant editor of First Edition, for you”

Bloomberg main messages for 04-10 July 2022

July 05 Energy shortfalls were always part of the equation in the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But few were prepared for gas becoming a second front in President Vladimir Putin’s wider conflict with the US and its allies. In less than five months of war, Moscow has retaliated against successive waves of internationalContinue reading “Bloomberg main messages for 04-10 July 2022”

2019 to 2021 Christendom’s fastest-growing strand

Could it well be, that in the Corona period the evangelising churches by media could enter more homes and could have become more successful? Some self-proclaimed prophets have been rolling out the pen or media systems. As such we could find very popular social influencers for God, like Flordelis dos Santos de Souza and herContinue reading “2019 to 2021 Christendom’s fastest-growing strand”

Organizations Globally Demand Forest Stewardship Council Protect Forests from Genetically Engineered Trees

FSC chose inaction, so today communities and ecosystems across Brazil are threatened with the horrific toxic impacts of Suzano’s new glyphosate-resistant GE trees.

South African Corona variant endangering the world

Thanks to a combination of infection and vaccinations Britain might be nearer the end of its pandemic than any other country in Europe, whilst those countries are having to face a new more dangerous variant, called B.1.1.529 — which has been identified in South Africa. At present in the UK there are about 1,000 deathsContinue reading “South African Corona variant endangering the world”