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Isaac A Type of Christ

Darren Sutcliffe Isaac As A Type Of Christ 1. Isaac promised for a long time; his birth being a miracle. So with Jesus, he was promised from the beginning of the world and he was of miraculous conception. 2. Isaac took patiently the mocking from Ishmael, not retaliating. Jesus was mocked and persecuted by hisContinue reading “Isaac A Type of Christ”

Ignorance of Today’s Youth (and Adults)

The Ignorance of Today’s Youth (and Adults)! A recent survey by the Bible Society has highlighted the lack of Bible knowledge, and even awareness of some of the basic Bible accounts among both children and their parents. The Story Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Worryingly, almost one in three Britons did not know where the storyContinue reading “Ignorance of Today’s Youth (and Adults)”

Rebirth and belonging to a church

In continuation of  Quit griping about your church and  A Bible Falling Apart Belongs to Someone who isn\’t Continuing our thoughts about the belonging to a Church we are looking after what comes really in the first place. Should we stick to standard ways of thinking and hold to the “commonplace of Christian thought”? CanContinue reading “Rebirth and belonging to a church”