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Seraphim Rose: “to be Christian is to be crucified”

Originally posted on Dover Beach:
. “Let not us, who would be Christians, expect anything else from it than to be crucified, For to be Christian is to be crucified, in this time and in any time since Christ came for the first time. His life is the example—and warning—to us all. We must be…

Points to rescue America

Dangerous is it when the democracy shall be undermined further by the Republican Party and when those fundamentalist Christians are going to intrude even more into the legal system and have their wishes implemented as laws to be followed by everyone.

Credo of the Christadelphian

There is only one God, the Father. This is the Almighty God above all gods, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus and his followers. The only true God who tells no lies, created the world and has given mankind His infallible Word. The whole universe came into being by the Power of theContinue reading “Credo of the Christadelphian”

La gloire du Dieu Fort qui prononça toutes ces paroles

  “Psaume de David, [donné] au maître chantre. (19-2) Les cieux racontent la gloire du [Dieu] Fort, et l’étendue donne à connaître l’ouvrage de ses mains.” (Psaumes 19:1 Mar) “1  Alors Dieu prononça toutes ces paroles, disant : 2 Je suis l’Eternel ton Dieu, qui t’ai retiré du pays d’Egypte, de la maison de servitude. 3Continue reading “La gloire du Dieu Fort qui prononça toutes ces paroles”

Was Jesus Religious

Paul never refers to his faith in Christ as religion. Jesus showed an adamant indifference to dogmas, systems, priestly sacrifices, and altars with emphasis on outward forms – including fasting and the sabbath, which were part of the law of Moses.