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Jesus the suffering man who called to God

About a man in agony crying to his heavenly Father.

Not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God but using the bad experiences also to make us grow

The bottom line, in our lives, is not to fall for the traps laid by the opponents of God.

A Christmas thought: Abiding in Christ

Today is a day when many families come together. Some of them would take this day, December 25, to remember the birth of Jesus Christ (which in reality was on October 17) but which they celebrate on the birthday of the goddess of light. Yesterday night several people came together to celebrate Christmas Eve. ItContinue reading “A Christmas thought: Abiding in Christ”

I Know you

Originally posted on It's Kenyuh:
The world is a simulation. It has to be.I am simply a thoughtfully created character of Your world.You chose my facial features piece by piece from an array of different options. Like a video game.You picked different personality traits based on Your designed purpose for me.My life is not…

Background of Faith

The Word of God in the Old Testament or Hebrew Writings as well as in the New Testament or Greek Messianic Writings speaks about people who had a faith or certain belief in a Higher Power, the Most High Maker Elohim Hashem Jehovah. We can see or read that faith has something to do withContinue reading “Background of Faith”

In a few days time it will be 2020 years ago that the Messiah was born

Lord Krishna displays his Vishvarupa (Universal Form) to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In a few days time it will be 2020 years ago that the Messiah was born. Since the appearance of the Messiah 2 millennia ago for man’s attitude, not so much has been changed. Still man wants toContinue reading “In a few days time it will be 2020 years ago that the Messiah was born”

May we be “ready” when Jesus returns

Do Jesus’ words come alive in our minds daily with real, committed belief? Actions show what people really believe! All around us are those whose actions show they do not give a moment’s thought to there being a God, who had a Son, who invites them to follow him. We ourselves prove by our wordsContinue reading “May we be “ready” when Jesus returns”

Finding our identity in serving God

Questioning who we are, who we want to meet, who we want to spend days with, how we want to go through life, in the back of our head we always have to be sure that we shall have to try to live according to the Will of the most High. A pastor with BiblicalContinue reading “Finding our identity in serving God”

Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews

Those who believe in the resurrection of Christ Jesus, should accept that at first he was dead. When he would not have died, his standing up from his position in the grave would not be so spectacular or so important for humankind. God can not die because He is an eternal spirit, which mean HeContinue reading “Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews”

A Living Faith #7 Prayer

A LIVING FAITH IN ACTION   Preceding A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for A living faith #2 State of your faith A Living Faith #3 Faith put into action A Living Faith #4 Effort A Living Faith #5 Perseverance A Living Faith #6 Sacrifice Prayer Reconciliation with the Lord our God isContinue reading “A Living Faith #7 Prayer”