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Not to tell people that God loves them

Dan Foster often looks at social media, trawling through Twitter looking for blog post ideas, but now and again, he finds a Tweet that leaves him breathless with righteous indignation. This is one of those Tweets: From this, we should believe that according to Pastor Gabriel Hughes on Twitter, we ought to save our breath,Continue reading “Not to tell people that God loves them”

What Does it Really Mean to Be a Radical Follower of Jesus?

Jesus was teaching his followers what it took to truly be a disciple, but many churches have forgotten or overlooked his teachings, preferring to cling to their own dogma.

Credo of the Christadelphian

There is only one God, the Father. This is the Almighty God above all gods, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus and his followers. The only true God who tells no lies, created the world and has given mankind His infallible Word. The whole universe came into being by the Power of theContinue reading “Credo of the Christadelphian”

Immortality, eternality – onsterfelijkheid, eeuwigheid

An endless life, is it possible? – Een leven zonder einde, is het mogelijk? Under the Tag “Onsterfelijkheid” (Immortality) you shall be able to find articles about the quality or condition of being immortal in the sense of having endless life or existence. The the quality or state of being immortal, having or receiving anContinue reading “Immortality, eternality – onsterfelijkheid, eeuwigheid”

Dying or not

Are there people who have no death in them? According to Scriptures nobody is going to escape death. Since what happened in Eden we all have to face pain, ageing, deterioration, dying. Immortality is not given to us worldly people. We are all going to die, which means that we are going to cease toContinue reading “Dying or not”


Op wikipedia zijn omtrent de denkwijze rond de ziel na de dood verschenen: in het Nederlands: Annihilationisme: Het annihilationisme is een christelijk dogma dat zondaren na hun dood vernietigd worden, en niet eeuwig zullen lijden in de hel of de poel van vuur. in het Engels:Annihilationism: Annihilationism is the minority Christian doctrine that sinners areContinue reading “Annihilationisme”


On the Dutch Wikipedia a new article, where our beliefs are discussed was edited: Annihilationisme. Annihilationism is the minority Christian doctrine that sinners are destroyed rather than tormented forever, whether in Hell or the Lake of Fire. It is directly related to the doctrine of conditional immortality, the idea that a human soul is notContinue reading “Annihilationism”

A Living Faith #10: Our manner of Life #2

A Living Faith Our Manner of Life   Prev. A Living Faith #9 Our Manner of Life   Having explored in some measure a broad overview of some of the attributes of character that disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ must develop if they are to truly be his disciples, it is time to drawContinue reading “A Living Faith #10: Our manner of Life #2”

A Living Faith #2 State of your faith

A LIVING FAITH What is the state of your faith? Previous: A Living Faith #1 Substance of things hoped for Faith is a very personal thing and the true state of a person’s faith can only be judged by God. It is impossible to hide our true feelings from Him for He knows our innermostContinue reading “A Living Faith #2 State of your faith”

Risen With Him

RISEN WITH HIM “If you then are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God.” – Col. 3:1       Soon the whole Western world will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Such a celebration will call for inspiring music, altarsContinue reading “Risen With Him”