Welcome to The Independent Climate Newsletter, your weekly update from our team of correspondents around the world. Manhattan’s Park Avenue is one of the typically traffic-clogged roads that is closed to vehicles and becomes a haven for runners, cyclists, scooters, skateboarders and more during the annual Summer Streets program each August. Hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “Micromobility”

How to Save the American Church

The persistent quest for merit money with their lavish lifestyle eventually made many church members realise that their church was more out to extort money than to proclaim the true faith. This made many losing their trust in that church.

A violent assault after violent assault on the American communities to be stopped

Before a dangerous man succeeds in returning as a candidate for the American presidency, people should stand up and raise their voices to avoid such atrocity. and bring a halt to the extreme right its launching violent assault after violent assault on the American communities. 

Is Trumpism This Generation’s Version of the Confederacy?

Originally posted on Left of Left:
Today’s GOP, under Trumpism, is as real a threat to the survival of our republic as was the 1860’s Confederacy and reflects a worldview grounded in the white supremacy of the American south By Thom Hartmann Image by?Pete Linforth?from?Pixabay Donald Trump?promoted?a modern Civil War in America this week on…

Does America need to turn back to God

Shane Idleman, founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Southern California, questions what is going on in America and thinks it has to go back to God and the Bible, when it wants to succeed in getting less gun violence.

When Christians Attack Other Christians

Originally posted on Lynn Pryor:
On average, 90,000 Christians are killed each year by those who stand opposed to Christ and His followers. [Source] It’s hard to imagine that Christians spear-heading such persecution, but it’s happened–and it’s happened right here in America. Remember the Pilgrims? Sure, you do. They came to America to give us…

Quakers: Their History, Beliefs and Meticulous Records

Originally posted on Ancestry Bird Dog:
Quakers, the Religious Society of Friends Quakers are members of a group with Christian roots that began in England in the 1650s. The formal title of the movement is the Society of Friends or the Religious Society of Friends.? Their founder was George Fox (1624-1691) of Leicestershire, England. Fox…

Did as many Republicans support Hitler during World War 2 as support Putin today

It isn’t an accident that Trump dusted off the old “America First” slogan.

Roe v. Wade – The Body a battle ground

Barbara Kruger Hello everyone,   As I type this I can hear baby birds crying out, beginnings come every day when we pay attention. In reaction to the Supreme Court leak on the future of Roe v. Wade, Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (Your body is a battleground) from 1989 went viral on Twitter. “It would beContinue reading “Roe v. Wade – The Body a battle ground”

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