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Why Woke? When Will it Wander Away?

Originally posted on Prdude's Blog:
By Edward M. Bury, APR, MA (aka The PRDude)When conceiving the subject for this post, I considered several other titles that could have communicated the same general message: Who Writes Words Like Woke? What Does It Mean to be Woke? Would You Wager On Words Driven by Wokeness? What’s…

 Societies can only progress if the people within them are brought along

° Societies can only progress if the people within them are brought along, if they feel that they belong in the society that they live in. — Brexit was concieved 30 years ago and has been gestating ever since. If remainers truly wish to convince the Brexiteers of their argument then they need to empathize,Continue reading ” Societies can only progress if the people within them are brought along”

The Telegraph 2022 September 05 – 11

September 05 By Danny Boyle After seven weeks, the Tory leadership contest comes to a close today – and Liz Truss is widely expected to win the race. We look at what she will do if she becomes Britain’s new prime minister. Truss could freeze bills to avoid energy ‘Armageddon’ By lunchtime, we will knowContinue reading “The Telegraph 2022 September 05 – 11”

Living in this world and viewing it

The Baby boomers saw how their parents became slave of their work and materials around them and started questioning their way of life, church and faith, wondering of this was a good way to continue to build up our society.

The Telegraph’s view on the world 2nd week of June

The greatest shipwreck since the Mary Rose is finally revealed – after being kept secret for a decade. Read about the discovery made by amateur divers off the coast of Norfolk. To remember from the first week of June June 11 Keir Starmer: ‘Thatcher was wrong about British society’ The general consensus was that thisContinue reading “The Telegraph’s view on the world 2nd week of June”

Growing up and moving on from fundamentalist roots #1

In many American churches, evangelists preach about burning in hell and make people afraid that if they don’t give enough to God (read church) they will suffer, while otherwise happiness will smile on them.