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The Week of 2022 September 05 – 11

September 05 Zelensky says Ukraine has retaken 2 towns in counteroffensive Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that Ukraine’s military had recaptured two villages in its counteroffensive against Russia that began last week in the south and east. “Ukrainian flags are returning where they belong by right,” Zelensky said during a meeting of security leaders.Continue reading “The Week of 2022 September 05 – 11”

How do we fight the religious right?

For years, Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church worked side-by-side with right-wing extremists. They were funded by international evangelical groups and prepared very well-coordinated social media campaigns which drastically swayed public opinion against women’s rights and LGBT+ people.

Does one have to be afraid of Christian nationalism

It is to be feared that in recent years, many Americans have been misled by their spiritual leaders who, shaking hands with Republican politicians, wanted to work out a plan to put the white American back in the limelight.

Controversial burkini issue in France not finished yet

The State Council discussed several pictures of different types of swimwear. The mayor of Grenoble and his lawyer argued that the permission of burkinis in public swimming areas was a decision that respects “the expression of everyone’s religious freedom” and does not pose “health and safety risks.” Furthermore, the lawyer of Grenoble asserts that a burkini is comparable to headscarves worn in public.

When Christians Attack Other Christians

Originally posted on Lynn Pryor:
On average, 90,000 Christians are killed each year by those who stand opposed to Christ and His followers. [Source] It’s hard to imagine that Christians spear-heading such persecution, but it’s happened–and it’s happened right here in America. Remember the Pilgrims? Sure, you do. They came to America to give us…

What is happening in America to religion and to the language of faith

Writing about relationships, masculinity, philosophy and other analytical vagaries, Jaret Redfearn wonders why Americans are abandoning organised religion. For decades the United States American Government has been removing religious affiliations and cooperations from other public services, like schools. The founding fathers of the American nation were very religious and went to great lengths to protectContinue reading “What is happening in America to religion and to the language of faith”

Is the practice of religious freedom in danger in the United States of America

U.S Postage Stamp, 1957 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Islamophobia in many democratic countries makes it a danger for the religious freedom. Even the country that always says it is so proud to be the ‘Country of the free’ and where they shout carrying weapons is part of the freedom, they seem to be willing toContinue reading “Is the practice of religious freedom in danger in the United States of America”

Religious Freedom in a Multicultural World

In what way are people really wanting to have and to give others real Religious Freedom in a Multicultural World? In Australia the organisation Freedom4Faith has been founded and presents hopeful texts, though when I questioned them several things about their openness to non-trinitarian Christians and to other believers I did not receive any reply.Continue reading “Religious Freedom in a Multicultural World”

Lack of religious freedom South Sudan

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is calling attention to the statelessness of people of South Sudanese origin who are living in Sudan amid human rights abuses, including a lack of religious freedom. map from CIA World Factbook, converted from original format (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sudan has implemented sharia Islamic law, which harshly impactsContinue reading “Lack of religious freedom South Sudan”