Bevraging bij Katholieken en synode over de toekomst van de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk

Maandag 15 augustus moesten alle rooms-katholieke bisschoppenconferenties overal ter wereld de samenvattingen van de raadpleging van de katholieke gelovigen naar Rome hebben opgestuurd.

Forced conversions of the past

The government wanted it to be easier to take Native American lands. The way that they could do that was to [first] drive them and force them off their lands, and [then] they targeted children. They wanted to limit their education and limit their capability.

Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox churches and synagogues feeling pressure from above

Not being allowed to report the horrors of war or not mentioning that Russia is waging war in Ukraine makes it difficult to report correctly. Especially if one is not allowed to condemn the many atrocities.

War against deconstruction Christian movement

Those who see others as ‘the enemy’ should listen more to the voice of Christ asking for peace and love.

Russian Protestants and a conflict of fratricide

The whole of the West and the rest of the world can witness the hideous way in which Russia is supposedly trying to bring peace to the Ukrainian people. For months now, thousands of innocent people have been affected by death and violence.

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