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Still no vaccine to protect against HIV

Johnson and Johnson becomes the latest pharmaceutical firm to withdraw a possible contender. “We hope to have a vaccine ready for testing in about two years. Yet another terrible disease is about to yield to patience, persistence and outright genius.” So said Margaret Heckler, US Secretary of Health, on the HIV epidemic in 1984. YetContinue reading “Still no vaccine to protect against HIV”

The Week of 2022 September 05 – 11

September 05 Zelensky says Ukraine has retaken 2 towns in counteroffensive Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday that Ukraine’s military had recaptured two villages in its counteroffensive against Russia that began last week in the south and east. “Ukrainian flags are returning where they belong by right,” Zelensky said during a meeting of security leaders.Continue reading “The Week of 2022 September 05 – 11”