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Russian Protestants and a conflict of fratricide

The whole of the West and the rest of the world can witness the hideous way in which Russia is supposedly trying to bring peace to the Ukrainian people. For months now, thousands of innocent people have been affected by death and violence.

Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today

For Feminist activist Sasha Shevchenko, \”the main struggle for feminists today\”, apart of “the fight against patriarchy, the Church, the sex industry and any kind of totalitarianism”, is \”the fight against nationalism\” and “Nazi ideas” that are “growing like mushrooms after the rain”.  VoxEurop During a debate at the European parliament in Brussels, Shevchenko andContinue reading “Fight against nationalism main struggle for feminists today”

The American clouds of Anti-Semitism

Image of New Statesman Cover from wikipedia commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 69 years old Larry Jacob who was born and raised in New York had not his ears and eyes closed the last months. He is aware of the danger that lures around the corner. In his article “Modern anti-Semitism” for the Times of IsraelContinue reading “The American clouds of Anti-Semitism”

January 27 – 70 years ago Not an end yet to genocide

Photo of the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken by a United States Army Air Force plane, August 25, 1944. Crematoria II and III are visible. For reference as to the date of the photo and what it shows, see The Case for Auschwitz by Robert Jan van Pelt, 2002, Indiana University Press, ISBN 0253340160,Continue reading “January 27 – 70 years ago Not an end yet to genocide”