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AGSIW: Palestine Activism in the World Cup

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Dana El Kurd and Maryam AlHajri. Actions of fans at the World Cup have brought world attention to the issue of Palestine, a result both of activism in Qatar in the run-up to the tournament and a lack of popular enthusiasm in the region to normalizing relations with…

The salmon industry is feeling the heat

In the lead up to Cooke’s takeover of Tassal executives of the seafood corporation came face to face with a giant billboard on their way to work calling for an end to the use of explosives in the Australian fishery.  

Orangutans in danger

Rosa Vollmer, SumOfUs Glossy hair and no dandruff comes at a steep cost: there’s a big chance that the palm oil in Procter & Gamble’s Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essences shampoo is grown on burned and bulldozed rainforest in the Leuser ecosystem – the orangutan capital of the world. The latest report from ourContinue reading “Orangutans in danger”

Living in this world and viewing it

The Baby boomers saw how their parents became slave of their work and materials around them and started questioning their way of life, church and faith, wondering of this was a good way to continue to build up our society.

To solve the climate crisis, we must rein in the wasteful wealthy

If governments can’t do attack the most egregious instances of luxury emissions, then ordinary people will have to

System change, not climate change

We need to change the way we measure economic growth and development – from GDP and profit to the improvement of the quality of people’s lives.

Climate Warrior: Dismantling perfectionism and activism

Lizzie Carr 2022, August 03 Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who signed up to join the Planet Patrol’s citizen science Water Quality Testing Programme following last month’s newsletter. I’m grateful to have this platform, both as a cathartic outlet for climate anxiety but also to bring attention to the community-led initiativesContinue reading “Climate Warrior: Dismantling perfectionism and activism”

Salmon producers detonate explosive seal crackers causing injuries to the seals

Floating salmon pens are not only a disaster for the environment – depositing huge amounts of waste and antibiotics into pristine marine environments – they are also a magnet for hungry seals. 

Fighting for justice for LGBT+ families in Russia

Yulja Tsvetkova got labeld as a “foreign agent” and has been charged with violating the Russian “gay propaganda” law, fined 50,000 rubles (around 800 USD / 722 €), and put under house arrest for sharing drawings promoting inclusivity on social media.   15 July 2022: After over 3 years of persecution from Russian authorities justContinue reading “Fighting for justice for LGBT+ families in Russia”

Massacre of Black people by a white supremacist is not an anomaly nor new phenomena in the United States

Message from the United States of America, to the American population. 18-year-old Payton Gendry, a fascist and white supremacist, carried out the massacre in Buffalo, New York at the TOPS supermarket in a predominantly Black community and left ten people dead. Gendry was seen wearing the patch of the Black Sun symbol in photos, whichContinue reading “Massacre of Black people by a white supremacist is not an anomaly nor new phenomena in the United States”