Politicians being out of touch, their lack of empathy a danger for the near future

Politicians do not seem to have an eye for the poverty rate, quality and housing affordability, and do not seem to have any idea of the hours of work required to purchase necessities, but start feeling the hot breath of the frustrated citizens who bring chaos to the nation with their strikes.

Criminal barristers vote for strike action over legal aid rates

Barristers have voted to go on strike in a row over legal aid funding, PA Meda reports. PA says:   The Criminal Bar Association (CBA), which represents barristers in England and Wales, said several days of court walkouts will begin from next week. The promised industrial action, announced on Monday following a ballot of members,Continue reading “Criminal barristers vote for strike action over legal aid rates”

Determined to see this through

RMT says its members have ‘grit and determination’ for long dispute if necesary John Leach, assistant general secretary of the RMT rail union, was on the Today programme this morning talking about the proposed strikes. Here are the main points he made. Leach criticised the government for being “nowhere to be seen” in the dispute.Continue reading “Determined to see this through”

Everywhere in Europe the same

All over Europe citizens are confronted with skyrocketing consumer prices. For many people the energy bill is presented by almost unaffordable invoices. Ordinary working people are struggling to find a balance between money coming in and money going out. The governments should not be surprised that more unions are poised for industrial action over theContinue reading “Everywhere in Europe the same”

Next week in Belgium probably one of chaos

Because the wage freeze unions are restricted from negotiating wage rises at a time when inflation is rocketing and people feel too much pressure at work. In the world of travel provisions, the week of June the 20th is the beginning of strikes.

Is the climate crisis truly serious? What actions can we take?

Originally posted on The Curious Mag:
What is climate change and isn’t it a natural process? The ‘climate crisis’ refers to global climate change that is happening too rapidly for the world to adapt. Climate Change means rising average temperatures which cause extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising sea levels, and a…

Deciphering Russia’s misinformation: How do we sort fact from fiction?

11/05/22 | 6.30pm BST | Online | Free Dear reader,   This is your last chance to secure a place at The Independent next virtual event – Deciphering Russia’s misinformation: How do we sort fact from fiction? Book your free ticket today to join them on Wednesday, 11 May. Discrediting real news as fake and spreadingContinue reading “Deciphering Russia’s misinformation: How do we sort fact from fiction?”

Climate and cocoa: why an anti-modern slavery movement is talking about the environment

At the time of writing, almost 180,000 people within the Freedom United community are calling for change from major chocolate companies. Those changes include a call for an end to deforestation and a rapid reduction of pesticide usage. So why is an anti-modern slavery community pushing for improved environmental protection policies in the cocoa sector?Continue reading “Climate and cocoa: why an anti-modern slavery movement is talking about the environment”

IPCC Climate Change Report Upstaged by Ukraine

Originally posted on Dare to Know:
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its Sixth Report in the midst of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. Find out why the unfortunate timing has diverted attention from a growing global crisis. We can’t say that nobody warned us. Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius discovered the fact that releasing…

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