Entering 2022 still Aiming for a society without exploitation or oppression

At the beginning of 2022, I look at social justice and the way I try to reach people to aim for a better society.

The genocide and abuse of human rights in Southern Cameroon is a barbaric crime

Europe must not forget its colonial past and must bear its responsibility for the consequences that the population has to endure in the process of reforming that independence. For example, Great Britain must ensure that inhumane conditions and violations of human rights in Cameroon and Ambezonia, are resolved and punished, and must provide assistance to the local population so that they have no reason to flee their country.

Organizations Globally Demand Forest Stewardship Council Protect Forests from Genetically Engineered Trees

FSC chose inaction, so today communities and ecosystems across Brazil are threatened with the horrific toxic impacts of Suzano’s new glyphosate-resistant GE trees.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – with orange for a brighter future

Too often people forget that we have to come to a world where everybody, male and female, is respected and regarded on equal grounds. We are all human beings as one body, and violence, even against one person, affects the whole of human society. But at the moment in still too many countries the women are second cast and used as an object.

No longer have time for fruitless conferences

Already in 1896 Svante Arrhenius, the Swedish physicist and physical chemist known for his theory of electrolytic dissociation and his model of the greenhouse effect, described how carbon dioxide influences the climate. Over 130 years later we need more voices urgently calling worldleaders to act rightly and to demand that the UNFCCC no longer permits executives, representatives, and officers of the fossil fuel industry to partake in negotiations and discussions with world leaders at the Conference of the Parties.

Walgelijk vrij lastig vallen van Indische vrouwen

Enkele maanden geleden werden weer eens twee jonge meisjes werden opgeknoopt aan een boom na een groepsverkrachting in de weilanden rond hun huis in India, en een minister van de regeringspartij heeft gereageerd door te zeggen dat verkrachting “een sociale misdaad is… soms is het goed, soms is het verkeerd.” Hoe zou zo iets ooitContinue reading “Walgelijk vrij lastig vallen van Indische vrouwen”

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