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French people again on the streets against pension reform

In France, lots of people do not agree with the French president’s pension reform which he imposed undemocratically, to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 by 2030.

Financial support needed to cut our energy bills and reduce energy consumption.

Poor insulation costs money and destroys the planet. Renovating poorly insulated homes can save us as much as 1100 euros each year — and the ECB and the European Commission have the funds to publicly finance this essential need for renovations but are dragging their feet. Central banks in Japan and other parts of AsiaContinue reading “Financial support needed to cut our energy bills and reduce energy consumption.”

Tarin Tani with All Out

Hello Dear reader, When I was a student, I came out to my family as a trans woman. This is when the torture started. I was locked away, beaten and abused. I would have never believed my parents could be so cruel. They are educated people, but they did not know what to do, andContinue reading “Tarin Tani with All Out”

You can help solve the plastic crisis

Banning plastic exports would also force the EU to face up to the true scale of its plastic pollution problem. As long as the EU can ship its plastic waste elsewhere, there is little incentive to stop making so much throwaway plastic in the first place.

Barrick Gold has poisoned an Argentinian community’s water supply five times in the last seven years.

We can help Asamblea Jáchal No se Toca create enough global public outcry about the Veladero mine’s toxic spills that Argentine government officials up for re-election this year will be forced to take action against Barrick Gold

The oil industry operating on a different planet.

Greenpeace activists board a Shell platform headed for the North Sea to expand existing oil and gas on 6th February (AFP via Getty Images)   It increasingly feels like the oil industry is operating on a different planet.   Profit-wise, things have never been better for the fossil-fuel titans. Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell and TotalEnergiesContinue reading “The oil industry operating on a different planet.”

Stop war in Ukraine

Europe for Peace and Solidarity The war in Ukraine has cost too many lives and caused too much destruction. It is both a responsibility and a duty of states and their people to commit to de-escalation and support for talks. For the Ukrainian people but also for humanity and the planet which cannot endure thisContinue reading “Stop war in Ukraine”

AGSIW: Palestine Activism in the World Cup

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By Dana El Kurd and Maryam AlHajri. Actions of fans at the World Cup have brought world attention to the issue of Palestine, a result both of activism in Qatar in the run-up to the tournament and a lack of popular enthusiasm in the region to normalizing relations with…

The salmon industry is feeling the heat

In the lead up to Cooke’s takeover of Tassal executives of the seafood corporation came face to face with a giant billboard on their way to work calling for an end to the use of explosives in the Australian fishery.  

Orangutans in danger

Rosa Vollmer, SumOfUs Glossy hair and no dandruff comes at a steep cost: there’s a big chance that the palm oil in Procter & Gamble’s Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essences shampoo is grown on burned and bulldozed rainforest in the Leuser ecosystem – the orangutan capital of the world. The latest report from ourContinue reading “Orangutans in danger”