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Extreme weather disasters are on the rise – and it’s no coincidence

Hurricane Ian was a large and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that was the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane.

What the ‘Africa Cop’ will actually mean for a continent at the centre of the climate crisis

African leaders hope this year’s location will focus attention on the vast, diverse continent where this year alone hundreds of people have died from floods and landslides in Nigeria and Uganda, while 37 million face starvation after consecutive droughts in the greater Horn of Africa.

The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 November 07

By Danny Boyle & “Some View on the World” team As Cop27 begins in Egypt, No 10 could be forced to pay out to poorer countries hit by climate disasters. The Prime Minister, pictured arriving for the summit, is considering this while drawing up plans for sweeping domestic tax rises and spending cuts. Britain opens theContinue reading “The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 November 07”

The Guardian headlines about nature for September

About ice sheets

Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events

 July 20, 2022 Hey everyone. Welcome back to the Climate Warrior newsletter.   In the past month, we’ve seen a lot of climate disasters. Part of the Alps has crumbled, Bangladesh has faced the “worst floods in memory,” and now record-breaking heatwaves with temperatures climbing over 40 degrees Celsius in North Africa, Southwest Asia (orContinue reading “Climate Warrior Mitzi Jonelle Tan: Extreme weather events”

The Guardian composted reads for the beginning of July 2022

Composted reads Story of the week Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving? George Monbiot Modern biofuels are touted as a boon for the climate. But they are no more sustainable than whale oil The good news Amazon: e-cargo bikes to replace thousands of van deliveries in London Newly identifiedContinue reading “The Guardian composted reads for the beginning of July 2022”

The Independent Climate Newsletter for the Summer of 2022

  A man checks his phone as he walks through the heat in St James’s Park, London (Getty Images) Summer is definitely on its way, and with it, dangerous heat. Around the northern hemisphere things are heating up even though summer is yet to officially start.   Here in the UK, we’re in the gripContinue reading “The Independent Climate Newsletter for the Summer of 2022”