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In a world of billionaire barons, oleaginous oligarchs and awful autocrats, truly independent media is becoming rarer.

Being a utopian, the creator of this site likes to post other people’s opinions alongside his own. Marcus Ampe is convinced that a functioning democracy can only exist if it is based on the openness and receptivity of different opinions and cultures.

For having some look at the world around us we cherish our independence and will not compromise on it.

Nevertheless, I must admit that for the extensive articles, a choice is made according to democraticethical, social and moral values and standards of respect and tolerance, but also build on Judeo-Christian values.

Anyone can have his or her say here, but please understand that we are open for anyone to have his or her say, through the comment section under articles and also under contributions by guest writers, where you may also introduce yourself as a candidate writer.

Writers on history and politics as well as on religious events are especially welcome.

Feel welcome to submit your application.


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