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With the previous “Christadelphian world” and “Our World” on Blogspot, Marcus Ampe wanted to share a look at what was happening in the world from a Christadelphian view. Having transferred the Blogger-blog to this WordPress platform, not much has changed.

The author of this blog does not mind presenting, now and then, his personal view, though most of his own musings he mainly presents on his own WordPress site Marcus Ampe’s Space. Do not hesitate to have a look over there as well and to find more in-depth political and economical articles on that personal space.

On this site the main focus shall be focusing on what happens through the day and about the religious aspect of our life. Religious news can be found here, but events which demand our attention and reflection are also being spoken about on this platform.

Next to the news-fragments, also reflection texts, prayers and quotes (from the Bible as well as from worldly people) receive a place to make us think about what is said and what is happening in this world.

It would be lovely in case visitors on this site would come to know more about the Only One True God and come to see that it is not religion that is at fault of all the troubles in this world, but man himself who brings problems for himself to himself.



We would like to mention here that no labelling or keyword entries have been made of the former more than 4 000 articles from the imported previous “Our World”. Therefore, if you are looking for something, we recommend using the search function by entering a keyword or short phrase. In this way, you will be able to find a further wealth of information which would otherwise remain hidden.

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