Artificial Intelligence in the Bible (Part One)

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Do we find Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Bible? I believe we do. The objective of this new series is to see the role AI plays in the eternal plan of God. Intelligence Let’s begin by defining “intelligence” and seeing what types of intelligence are revealed in the Bible. ‘the…

No shepherds in the field in December

To build up our faith and have the right belief we best use the Bible to guide us and to give us the necessary information, but we also can compare the data, such as a census or infanticide, with historical books so that we can know when it really happened. This way, we can figure out that the birth of Christ did not take place in wintertime or on the 25th of December.

Bible NFC (miniature) + DC

La Bible Nouvelle Français courant, une révision minutieuse de la très populaire Bible en français courant, traduite et révisée par près d’une soixantaine de spécialistes reconnus venant d’horizons différents, une version intégrale et fidèle, qui traduit avec rigueur et respect tous les textes originaux, dans un langage clair, fluide et contemporain.

La Bible manuscrite

La manuscrite imprimée rassemble en 2 volumes, l’intégralité du livre des Psaumes et du Nouveau Testament, copiée par plus de 500 participants, de tout âge, de toutes les confessions chrétiennes, et de toute la francophonie, durant la période du confinement / déconfinement de 2020.

About Three-in-Ten U.S. Adults Are Now Religiously Unaffiliated

It might well be that in the developed countries Christians may be in the majority, but everywhere in the capitalist states we see that having an active faith is not anymore of importance. The latest Pew Research Center survey of the religious composition of the United States finds the religiously unaffiliated share of the publicContinue reading “About Three-in-Ten U.S. Adults Are Now Religiously Unaffiliated”

Are we shambling into WWIII?

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World War I started with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand by Serbian extremists. This shows that even in the beginning of the 20th century the world was so interconnected that an assassination in Bosnia could lead to a world war. Of course this happened because there was great tension…

Messages leading to an earthly utopia

Dreams and reading a Book of books My whole life, I had lots of dreams of a better world. All the suffering I and other people had to undergo would be finished. Could that be possible? By reading the Bible, going through it from beginning to end, more than once, comparing it to historical facts,Continue reading “Messages leading to an earthly utopia”

Gradual decline by American Christians

When we see documentaries about the North American people we get a picture that they are ‘very religious’. Christianity, which was once shared by a majority of Americans, has seen a gradual decline as fewer people hold to the core tenets of the faith. The latest research by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona ChristianContinue reading “Gradual decline by American Christians”

Een boekrol van leven en dood

De Bijbel is zelf een samengesteld boek van meerdere boekrollen. Doorheen de eeuwen zijn regelmatig van die rollen gevonden, in grotten, urnen en graven. Maar in dat Boek der boeken staat er ook geschreven dat God een apart geplaatst (of heilig) Boekrol heeft waarin al de namen staan van de wezens die geboren zullen wordenContinue reading “Een boekrol van leven en dood”

A living Word giving confidence

In these particular times people look for solutions for their restricted life. Because of the corona measures, many feel very restricted in their liberty. Some, therefore, want to go to court to reverse or stop the corona restrictions. They do forget that protecting the citizens in our society is the responsible role a government shouldContinue reading “A living Word giving confidence”

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